b"Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3medical terminology introduced. Prerequisites: Admission to Physical This course includes a continuation ofA course designed to provide theTherapist Assistant Program. (3,3,0)Oil and Gas Production I withstudent with practical application ofemphasis on oil and natural gasskills and knowledge gained in other production and processing. (3,3,0)vocationaltechnical courses. ThePTA 1132 - PTA Practicum I instructor works closely with the PPT 2323 - Processstudent to ensure that the selection of a project will enhance the student'sCredit(s): 2 Troubleshooting learning experience. (3,0,6) This course is designed to provide the Credit(s): 3student with observational time with Political Science (PSC)participation in selected physicalA course to apply knowledge oftherapy activities. Prerequisites: process variables, indicators andPSC 1113 - AmericanAdmission to Physical Therapist controllers, troubleshooting tools, andNational GovernmentAssistant Program. (2, 6 clinical)troubleshooting steps to solveproblems in a simple process system. Prerequisite or Corequisite: PPTCredit(s): 3PTA 1213 - Fundamental 2443 PPT 1713 (3,3,0) Survey of the foundations,Skills for Physical Therapist institutions, and political aspects ofAssistants PPT 2443 - ProcessAmerican national government. Operations(3,3,0)Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3PSC 1123 - American StateThis course provides knowledge of and Local Governmenttopics utilized in the practice of This course is a course that combinesphysical therapy. Topics covered will equipment systems into operationalinclude positioning, draping, transfers, units with an emphasis on instructionCredit(s): 3body mechanics, gait training, and for start-up, normal operation,standard precautions. Vital signs, first abnormal/emergency operations, andSurvey of the relationship amongaid, and emergency techniques will shutdown of an entire process.American local, state and nationalalso be covered. Pre/corequisites: Prerequisite: PPT 1434 (3,2,2)governments, and the organization,Fundamental Concepts of Physical function, and operation of differentTherapy (PTA 1123 ). (3,2,2)levels of government. (3,3,0)PPT 2723 - Process Instrumentation IIPhysical Therapist PTA 1224 - Therapeutic Credit(s): 3Assistant (PTA)ModalitiesThis course is a clinical practice andPTA 1123 - FundamentalCredit(s): 4 instruction in a clinical affiliate. AreasConcepts of Physical included are patient care andThis course is an introduction to the management, radiation protection,Therapytheory and practical application ofoperation of equipment, andhydrotherapy, thermotherapy, radiologic procedures. Prerequisite:Credit(s): 3cryotherapy, light therapy, and PPT 1713. (3,3,0)mechanotherapy. Emphasis will be This course is an introduction to theplaced on the technique of PPT 2913 - Special Projectsfield of physical therapy includingapplication, indications, and role orientation, professionalcontraindications of modalities. in Process Operationsorganizational structure, legal andPre/corequisites: Fundamental Technologyethical implications, and legislation.Concepts of Physical Therapy (PTA Historical patterns in the development1123 ), Fundamental Skills for of the profession will be explored andPhysical Therapist Assistants (PTA 347"