b"RGT 1213 - Fundamentals ofThis course is a study of the principlesRGT 1523 - Radiographic Radiographyinvolving manipulation of factorsProcedures II controlling and influencing exposure and radiographic quality. Included are Credit(s): 3the prime factors of radiographicCredit(s): 3 exposure, beam limiting devices, This course is an introduction tofiltration, production and control ofThis course includes principles and Radiologic Technology includingscatter and secondary radiation,procedures involved in the professional, departmental, andexposure systems, technicalradiographic positioning of the spinal historical aspects. Included areconversions, and problem solving.column, urinary system, pelvic girdle, terminology, medical ethics, andThis course presents an introductionlower extremities, bony thorax, and fundamental legal responsibilities.to film processing including darkroommobile and trauma radiography (3,3,0)design and equipment. Included areprocedures. Included is a review of chemistry of developing solutions,radiographic anatomy on each RGT 1223 - Patient Care andprocedures of general maintenance,procedure. Prerequisite: RGT 1513 Radiographyquality control, and silver recovery(3,2,2) methods. (3,2,2) RGT 1613 - Physics of Credit(s): 3 RGT 1423 - Digital ImagingImaging Equipment This course will provide the student with the basic concepts of patientCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 care, including consideration for the physical and psychological needs ofThis course is designed to impart anThis course is designed to establish the patient and family. Routine andunderstanding of the components,knowledge based in radiographic, emergency patient care proceduresprinciples, and operation of digitalfluoroscopic, mobile, and will be described, as well as infectionimaging systems found in diagnostictomographic equipment requirements control procedures utilizing standardradiology. Included are factors thatand design. The content will also precautions. The role of theimpact image acquisition, display,provide a basic knowledge of quality radiographer in patient education willarchiving, and retrieval. In addition,control. Computer applications in the be identified. (3,2,2)principles of digital system qualityradiologic sciences related to image assurance and maintenance arecapture, display, storage, and RGT 1312 - Principles ofintroduced along with guidelines fordistribution are presented. (3,3,0) Radiation Protectionselecting exposure factors and evaluating images within a digitalRGT 2132 - Ethical and system to assist students to bridgeLegal Responsibilities Credit(s): 2between film-based and digital imaging systems. (3,2,2) This course is designed to present anCredit(s): 2 overview of the principles of radiation protection including theRGT 1513 - RadiographicLegal terminology, concepts, and responsibilities of the radiographer forProcedures Iprinciples will be presented in this patients, personnel, and the public.course. Topics include misconduct, Radiation health and safetyCredit(s): 3malpractice, legal and professional requirements of federal and statestandards, and the ASRT scope of regulatory agencies, accreditationThis course includes terminology,practice. The importance of proper agencies, and healthcare organizationsprinciples, and procedures involved indocumentation and informed consent are incorporated. (2,2,0)routine radiographic positioning foris emphasized. This course will demonstration of the chest, abdomen,prepare students to better understand RGT 1413 - Imagingupper extremities, digestive system,their patients, the patients' families, Principlesand urinary system. Included is aand professional peers through review of radiographic anatomy oncomparison of diverse populations each procedure. Pre/Corequisite: BIObased on their value systems, cultural Credit(s): 31514 (3,2,2)and ethnic influences, communication styles, socioeconomic influences, 351"