Juror’s Statements

Sarah House
It was an honor and a real pleasure to jury the 2021 Mississippi Community/Junior College Art Instructor Association’s Annual Exhibition and Competition. We brought to the jury process our different backgrounds of experience and expertise, and came to a consensus when choosing this years winners. The breadth of skill and dedication displayed among the works was impressive, and certainly made the selection process a challenge. We chose works that displayed a knowledge of process and design, and also a passion for making and expression. This past year has presented many challenges to these young artists, and to their teachers as well. Despite that, they pushed through those challenges to produce a very strong body of work. Is a testament to their dedication and integrity, and deserves accolade. A huge congratulations to all the young artists, to their teachers and also the institutions that participated in the competition this year. Well done!To the artists that were not chosen for an award this year, don’t give up. Keep making work, and continue to apply for shows, workshops, and art residency opportunities. It is wonderful to be selected to exhibit your work, and I hope you will be encouraged to continue developing your voice through art. We look forward to seeing more from all the artists in the future.


Phil Sandusky
This was an inspiring exhibit – one truly enjoyable to see and to take in. My congratulations to both the students and their teachers! It’s even more impressive considering the difficult circumstances in this year of COVID.

I was one of two judges of the exhibit – Sarah House was the other. I found it delightful to work with Sarah and our different backgrounds and particular senses of aesthetics complimented each other. In each category, we each picked our own favorites, compared notes, deliberated, and arrived at award choices that we both thought were good.

Yet, it must be said that art is very subjective and, while it’s only natural for students who were not selected for awards to be disappointed, they should not be disheartened. The arc of an artistic career, from student learning the nuts and bolts, to seasoned purveyor of a powerful vision, is greatly more important than recognition at any particular group exhibit. There are different paths for different students and different circumstances. Some are short and bear fruit quickly, while others are long journeys whose destinations are more rare and hard-won. I’d be surprised if Sarah and I didn’t pass over some sparks and kindling of what will be future brilliant careers.

My sincere best wishes to all the participants of this exhibit – both students and teachers.



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