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Basic Electricity for Live Entertainment

LVT 2273

Credit(s): 3

An introduction to the use of electricity in live entertainment. Voltage, current, power, resistance, and wattage are covered, using practical examples from the entertainment field. Power generation and distribution, three-phase power, OSHA Safety requirements, and the National Electric Code as it pertains to live entertainment are covered. Specific applications for lighting, sound, video and scenic automation will be used throughout the class. A hands-on lab reinforcing and extending the entertainment related electrical concepts covered in LVT 2273, Basic Electricity for Live Entertainment, is also utilized. Students will gain hands-on experience with live entertainment electrical technologies, learn to use basic measurement tools and test equipment, while extending their understanding of the electrical concepts. Program specific labs will be drawn from the entertainment fields of lighting, sound, video, and scenic automation. (3,2,2)