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In partnership with Kubota, students in this program will receive training in the Kubota Tech National Student Certification Program and NC3 credentials through the National Coalition of Certification Centers.

Press Release – June 10, 2022

About the Program

Focusing on a variety of maritime skills needed along the Gulf Coast, including heavy equipment operation, shipbuilding, seafood, transportation, tourism, marine engine, and other maritime occupations, MGCCC will continue to address industry needs through academia and training. Among the industries that are prominent in the unique environment along the Gulf of Mexico, industry partners continuously express the need for a skilled workforce in maritime trades. Median earnings for occupations in the maritime industry can range from $30,000 to $55,000. 

The goal of the Maritime Multi-Craft Technology program is to prepare individuals with technical skills in the field of maritime multi-craft technology leading to credentials such as OSHA, Yamaha Marine University, Fork Lift Operator, and Heavy Equipment Operator. Skills and competencies covered in this program include maritime electrical and engine, corrosion, paint and fiberglass, two- and four-cycle engines, gearcase and outdrives, and heavy equipment operations.

Students enrolled in Maritime Multi-Craft Technology may earn a College Credit Certificate, Career Certificate, Technical Certificate, or Associate of Applied Science degree preparatory for employment upon graduation from MGCCC. Where a transfer to four-year college or university is desired, a conference should be scheduled with a MGCCC advisor.

All students completing a career or technical program must complete a MGCCC Board- approved Technical Skills Attainment where applicable. Students should see an advisor for further details.

Maritime Multi-Craft Technology Certificate

Semester One

Course Credit(s)
DET 1133 - Fundamentals of Equipment 3
MAR 1113 - Fundamentals of Maritime Engine I 3
MAR 1215 - 2 & 4 Cycle Outboard Repair & Maintenance 5
MAR 1612 - Applied Marine Electricity 2
CEV 1415 - Equipment Operation I 5

Semester Two

Course Credit(s)
MAR 1712 - Paint, Fiberglass and Coatings 2
MAR 1422 - Marine Corrosion & Prevention 2
MAR 1316 - Advanced Two- and Four-Cycle Engine 6
DET 1373 - Diesel Systems II 3
CEV 1513 - Grade Work I 3

Total Credits: 34

Maritime Multi-Craft Technology Diploma

Semester Three

Course Credit(s)
DET 2523 - Heavy Equipment Power Trains 3
MAR 1262 - Marine Gearcase, Outdrives & Transmission Systems 2
CEV 1426 - Equipment Operation II 6

Total Credits: 11

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Semester Four

Course Credit(s)
ENG 1113 / 1114 English Composition I or ENG 1033 Technical English 3/4
SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I 3
Math/Natural Science Elective 3/4*
Social/Behavioral Science Elective Credit(s) 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective Credit(s) 3

Total Credits: 15/17


Please refer to “The Credit by Non-Traditional Means” regarding stipulations for receiving articulated credit.

* MAT 1033, MAT 1313 or higher or any laboratory science.

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