MGCCC has several organizations and clubs that are dedicated to the fine arts. We have theater, dance, painting, sculpting and more.

  • Music & Choir

    There are several voice, dance and instrumental groups at MGCCC that perform at events both on and off campus. One of the bonuses of the music program is learning how to cooperate in a group environment as students prepare for performances and competitions.

  • Visual Arts

    The MGCCC Visual Arts programs offer students the opportunity to learn the basics of a variety of artistic mediums, the history of art and its cultural significance. On- and off-campus exhibitions and competitions allow student artists the opportunity to show their work, build a portfolio and gain self-confidence.

  • Theatre

    Theatre gives students an outlet for their creative expression, builds concentration and self confidence, and teaches them about commitment and motivation.

  • Harrison County Players

    The Harrison County Players continue to work and explore what is needed to create relationships, both onstage on off.  Each year we also offer scholarships to incoming students who demonstrate both talent and prior academic achievement.

  • Literary Journal

    Each year, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College students are encouraged to submit their best compositions for publication in MGCCC’s literary journal Illumination. View the current publication and learn more about submitting your own student works.