Students study together in the library.

Student Activities at MGCCC

MGCCC Student Activities reinforce the mission of the college by offering educational, social, and leadership activities for the students. We encourage students to take their studies seriously but allow time for extracurricular activities that they might enjoy. For this reason, all students are encouraged to become active in school sponsored organizations and clubs.

Campus Clubs and Organizations Lists

Featured Clubs

  • Esports Club

    Esports Club members play everything from competitive or casual video games to board and card games. Gaming opportunities are available each week.

Student Life Advisors

Trey Robertson
Director of Residence and Student Life
Office: (601) 928-6306
Fax: (601) 528-8908

Christopher Upton
Coordinator of Student Life
Recreation and Wellness
Perkinston Campus
Office: (601) 928-6270
Fax: (601) 528-8908

Brandi Fayard
Coordinator of Student Life
Jackson County Campus
Office: (228) 497-7680

Aaliyah Dock
Student Activities Coordinator
Harrison County Campus
Office: (228) 897-3945