MGCCC Libraries use the WEPA printing system. WEPA is a cloud-based printing system that allows you to send your documents from anywhere. Documents will stay in the system queue for up to six days unless you print them or delete them.

Printing Costs

Black and White

Single-sided $.12
Double-sided $.20


Single-sided $.50
Double-sided $.90

Paying For Prints

There are several ways you can pay for your WEPA prints. If you need a refund for a print, click here.


A WEPA card can be purchased at your campus bookstore. Just print as a Guest from any library computer to receive a code to retrieve your print at the WEPA station, and then swipe your WEPA card to pay.

Debit Card/Credit Card

You can pay for your prints by swiping your debit card/credit card.
A service fee of $0.40 is imposed by the financial institutions when using a credit card/debit card at a print station. You can avoid this fee by registering and depositing money into your WEPA account.

Deposit Funds into Your Account

First, create an account at the print station or at Then, you can use a credit card or a PayPal account to deposit funds at the print station or at the website. Click here for more information.

How to Print

There are several ways to send your prints to the WEPA station. The most common ways are listed below, but you can find more options if you click here for more information.

Library Computers

Just log in to any library computer and bring up the document you would like to print. Click print and wait for the WEPA box to pop up. If you have an account, you will log in to send your document. If you do not have an account, click, “Guest” to receive a print code.

USB Printing

You can print directly from the WEPA station with a USB drive. Just plug your USB drive into the station and select, “Don’t have a card,” at the bottom of the screen. Select, “WEPA Account Login” if you have an account or “Print from the Cloud,” if you do not have an account. Click here for more information.

Uploading Your Print

You may upload your document directly to Just log in to your account and select, “Document Upload.” Choose your file and you will receive a WEPA print code when the upload is complete. Click here for more information.


Printing station locations


Perkinston Campus:
Library Lobby & Dees Hall Lobby

Harrison County Campus:
Library, Learning Lab, and
Math & Computer Science building

Jackson County Campus:
Library & Learning Lab

George County Campus:
Front lobby in Academic Building

The Bryant Center at Tradition:
Across from Classroom 122