MGCCC President Graham

The Executive Council advises the President on improvements in policies, procedures, and all budget and operational aspects of the institution. The primary function of the Executive Council is to establish and maintain cohesiveness of policy and operation throughout the college. The Executive Council acts upon recommendations from other governance councils.

The Executive Council is comprised of executive administrative leadership for all educational, service and administrative units of the institution. As the executive leadership of the institution, members have the authority to carry out the action items and activities resulting from meetings and other duties assigned by the President. Executive Council meetings are chaired by the President, and meeting agenda items are coordinated through the office of the President.

All minutes of the Executive Council are distributed to college employees and published on the college website.

MGCCC President

Dr. Mary Graham,

MGCCC President

Dr. Tammy Franks
Vice President of Jackson County Campus
Dr. Jonathan Woodward
Executive Vice President of Teaching & Learning/Community Campus
Dr. Carmen Walters
Executive Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success

picture of Dr. Cedric Bradley

Dr. Cedric Bradley
Vice President of the Jefferson Davis Campus

Dr. Joan Hendrix
College Dean of Nursing and Allied Health
John Shows
Associate Vice President of Community Campus and Career/Technical Education
Dr. Jason Pugh
Executive Vice President of Administration & Finance
Dr. Ladd Taylor
Vice President of Perkinston Campus and George County Center