b"three of the Associate Degree Nursingmedication administration as aregistered nurse. Prerequisites: NUR Program. Prerequisites: Admissionlicensed practical nurse as well as a1118; NUR 1121; NUR 1131; BIO Criteria and coursework:ENG 1123;registered nurse. Role delineation will2524. (7,4,9) PSY 1513; EPY 2533; BIObe clearly defined to ensure scope of 2514*; BIO 2524; BIO 2924. (6,4,6)practice for nurses. Prerequisites:NUR 1223 - Maternal Child Admission Criteria and coursework: Health NUR 1118 - Fundamentals ofENG 1113; PSY 1513; BIO 2514; Nursing PracticeBIO 2924. (1,1,0) Credit(s): 3 NUR 1131 - Pharmacology Credit(s): 8This course provides an integrative, family-centered approach to the care This course provides an introductionCredit(s): 1of mothers, newborns, and children. to nursing and roles of the nurse, asEmphasis is placed on normal and well as profession related and clientThis course provides an introductionhigh-risk pregnancies, normal growth care concepts. Emphasis is placed onto the principles of pharmacology,and development, family dynamics, the knowledge and skills needed toincluding: pharmacokinetics,common pediatric disorders and the provide safe, quality care within thepharmacodynamics, medicationpromotion of healthy behaviors in scope of practice of the licensedinteractions and potential adverseclients. Concepts in the course will be practice nurse and the registeredmedication reactions. Emphasis isemphasized to ensure role delineation nurse. The theoretical foundation forplaced on drug classifications andfor the licensed practical nurse as well basic assessment and nursing skills isnursing care related to the safeas the registered nurse. Clinical presented, and the student is given anadministration of medication to clientsexperiences provide the student an opportunity to demonstrate theseacross the life span within the scopeopportunity to apply theoretical skills in a clinical laboratory settingof practice of the licensed practicalconcepts and implement safe client with consideration of role delineationnurse and the registered nurse.care to mothers, newborns, and for the licensed practical nurse and thePrerequisites: Admission Criteria andchildren in selected settings within the registered nurse. An introduction tocoursework:ENG 1113; PSY 1513;scope of practice of the licensed the nursing process and Maslow'sBIO 2514;BIO 2924. (1,1,0)practical nurse and the registered Hierarchy of Need provides anurse. Prerequisites: NUR 1118; decision-making framework to assistNUR 1217 - Adult Health INUR 1121; NUR 1131. (3,2,3) students in developing effective clinical judgment skills withCredit(s): 7NUR 2318 - Adult Health II consideration of role delineation for the licensed practical nurse and theThis course focuses on the care of registered nurse. Prerequisites:Credit(s): 8 adult and older adult clients with Admission Criteria and coursework: health alterations that require medical ENG 1113; PSY 1513; BIO 2514; This course focuses on the care of and/or surgical intervention. Emphasisadult and older adult clients with BIO 2924. (8,4,12)is placed on the care of clients with complex medical/surgical health alterations in selected body function.problems. Emphasis is placed on NUR 1121 - DosageConcepts of client centered care,helping clients and their families cope Calculationscultural sensitivity; informatics, safewith alterations in body functions. practice, and professionalism areConcepts of pharmacology, health Credit(s): 1integrated throughout the course.promotion and education, evidence Concepts in the course will bebased practice, and interdisciplinary This course focuses on math skillsemphasized to ensure role delineationcollaboration will be integrated needed to compute dosages andfor the licensed practical nurse as wellthroughout the course. Clinical administer medications. The student isas the registered nurse. Clinicalexperiences provide the student an provided with the opportunity toexperiences provide the student anopportunity to apply theoretical develop math skills necessary toopportunity to apply theoreticalconcepts and implement safe care to compute medication dosages.concepts and implement safe clientclients and selected groups in a Emphasis will be placed oncare to adults in a variety of settingsvariety of settings. Prerequisites: delineation of skills required forwithin the scope of practice of theNUR 1118; NUR 1121; NUR licensed practical nurse and the 341"