The Data Analytics Technology option is the science of inspecting raw data with the purpose of drawing assumptions about that information. Data Analytics is used in many industries to allow organizations to make better business decisions. The Data Analytics Technology program will prepare students to work in a data-rich business environment and provide them with the skills to be employable in the field of data analytics or business intelligence.

This program of study offers training in the design and manipulation of databases using a variety of programming languages, database software, hardware maintenance, and operating system functions. Students will learn programming and data manipulation techniques to solve real-world business problems.

This program leads to an Associate of Applied Science Degree and is preparatory for employment upon graduation from MGCCC. Where a transfer to four-year college or university is desired, a conference should be scheduled with a MGCCC advisor.

All students completing a career or technical program must complete a MGCCC Board- approved Technical Skills Attainment where applicable. Students should see an advisor for further details.

Data Analytics Technology Certificate

Semester One

Course Credit(s)
IST 1124 - IT Foundations 4
IST 1113 - Fundamentals of Information Technology 3
IST 2734 - Data Visualization and Marketing 4
Programming Elective 4*

Semester Two

Course Credit(s)
IST 1744 - SAS Programming I 4
IST 1513 - SQL Programming 3
IST 1163 - Database and SQL Concepts 3
IST 1733 - Data Analysis Using Excel 3
IST 1143 - Principles of Information Security 3
IST 1624 - Network Security Fundamentals 4

Total Credits: 31/32

Data Analytics Technology Diploma

Semester Three

Course Credit(s)
IST 1134 - CCNA 1: Intro to Networks 4
IST 1914 - Introduction to IoT 4
IST 2744 - SAS Programming II 4
IST 1723 - Programming in Python 3
Technical Electives 4*

Total Credits: 15

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Semester Four

Course Credit(s)
ENG 1113 / 1114 English Composition I or ENG 1033 Technical English 3/4
SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I or LLS 1721 - Employment Readiness and SPT 2172 - Interpersonal Communication 3
Math/Natural Science Elective 3/4**
Social/Behavioral Science Elective Credit(s) 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective Credit(s) 3

Total Credits: 15/17


Please refer to “The Credit by Non-Traditional Means” regarding stipulations for receiving articulated credit.

* Any instructor/department chair approved field related elective.

** MAT 1033, MAT 1313 or higher or any laboratory science.