MGCCC Guide to Residence Living 2021-2022

This Guide is a supplement to the MGCCC Student Handbook and contains policies and procedures that relate to students living on campus. Please refer to the Student Handbook for a broader list of student policies and procedures.

Housing Procedures

  1. Housing Contract

    1. The Office of Residence Life does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, or creed in the placement of students in residence halls. No roommate changes on this basis will be honored.
    2. The college reserves the right to change the room assignment of a student, request him/her to move into other accommodations, and to inspect resident’s rooms.
    3. Each resident will electronically sign the housing contract when they apply for housing in Web Services.
    4. The housing contract will be terminated by the college in the event the student withdraws from school, the student drops below 12 hours*, if he/she is dismissed or suspended from college due to academic or disciplinary action, or he/she violates campus and/or housing policies. The student may appeal a decision of suspension and/or expulsion from college housing. However, suspension and/or expulsion will continue during the appeal process.
    5. At least nine hours of class must be taken by traditional method (in a classroom).
    6. If a class is offered on the Perkinston Campus, it must be taken here. Extenuating circumstances will be honored only with approval from the Director of Residence and Student Life.
    7. The housing contract may be terminated for nonpayment of room and board fees. The student must accept responsibility for paying room and board costs in order to remain in housing.
    8. In order for a student to live in college housing, he/she must have a five or seven day meal plan.
    9. The college does not permit a student to sublet a residence hall room.
    10. Students should keep valuables LOCKED in their rooms. The college is not liable for theft of or damage to any personal property from resident’s rooms.
    11. Residents are advised to obtain rental insurance at their cost through a qualified insurer.
    12. A $50 non-refundable application fee is required for all students who live in campus housing.
  2. Official Check-In to Residence Halls

    All residents must officially check in to their residence hall on move-in day. Students should utilize the following procedure to officially check in to their residence hall:

    1. Present MGCCC ID to receptionist at the front desk of your assigned residence hall.
    2. Obtain your key and sign your room condition report (RCR).
    3. Fill out your emergency card completely and leave it with the receptionist at the front desk.
    4. Take your copy of your RCR to your room and check any damages against it. Submit ALL discrepancies between your room and your RCR to the front desk before the end of move-in day.
    5. Enjoy your stay!
  3. Cohabitation

    Cohabitation (two people living together in an emotionally and/or physically intimate relationship) is not permitted between any two or more residents regardless of gender.

  4. Activity Fee

    A $10.00 activity fee is assessed to each resident upon check-in. This activity fee is used to maintain a residence hall fund at each hall to finance social, educational, and recreational events held during the year for its residents. It also maintains games and hall supplies that can be checked out and can be used as a benevolence fund for residents.

  5. Staff Entering Rooms

    Residence Hall Supervisors, Resident Assistants (RAs) and other staff members are authorized to enter student rooms for purposes of overall inspection of sanitary and/or maintenance conditions, or in emergency situations.

    Other specific rules regarding the entering and search of residents’ rooms are as follows:

    1. The College reserves the right to inspect students’ rooms.
    2. Rooms will be inspected for sanitation, fire hazard control, and for regular maintenance.
    3. Residents will be notified of the room inspection date by housing staff. However, the college reserves the right to inspect the student’s room/suite at any time if any health, safety, or maintenance concerns are suspected or reported.
    4. When possible, health and safety inspections will be conducted when the occupant(s) of the room is present.
    5. A housing staff member will not conduct any type of search in a resident’s room at any time.
    6. If items which are against state or county laws or college regulations are observed in plain view, then Campus Police will seize the items and make a written report of his/her findings to the resident. They will forward the report and items to conduct administrators.
  6. Bulletin Boards, Student Email, Handbooks, Official Notices

    Students are responsible for reading notices posted on official bulletin boards, and checking student email on a regular basis. Ignorance of such material or any notices that have been posted or emailed will not be accepted as an excuse of the content of such notices.

  7. Residence Hall Cable Service

    Cable/satellite service to each residence hall room is provided at no extra charge to residents. This service includes local channels, plus other additional cable channels, and a campus movie channel. Residents are responsible for their own TV and standard coaxial cable.

  8. Residence Hall Internet Service

    1. Internet access through the college’s internet network is provided at no extra charge to residents.
    2. Residents are responsible for their own computer and ethernet card and/or cable.
    3. Wireless routers of any kind are not permitted from the residence halls and will be confiscated if found inside a room.
    4. Please contact the housing office for specific requirements and information regarding internet access.
  9. Room Consolidation

    At the beginning of each semester, residents residing in a double or triple occupancy room without a roommate will be given an opportunity to consolidate into a room with a roommate. If the resident does not find a new roommate, or move to an empty space in another room, a new assignment will be made for that resident.

  10. Room Reclaim

    1. Everyone who expects to live on campus for an upcoming semester must apply for that semester online through Web Services PRIOR to the end of the current semester.
    2. You must pre-register for a minimum of 12 class hours (full-time status), 15 class hours if on scholarship.
    3. Following pre-registration of classes, you may reclaim your room.
    4. If one fails to reclaim a room but after the completion of the semester they live on campus decides to do so, they will have to repay a $50 non-refundable application fee, pre-register for at least 12 class hours and select a room from those available.
  11. Drains

    Residents should not flush anything except toilet paper down toilets. Wipes marked “flushable” are not flushable in residence hall toilets. Water-based liquids are the only items that may be washed down sinks or drains.

  12. Official Checkout of Residence Halls

    All residents must officially check out when leaving their residence hall at any point of the semester. Students should utilize the following procedure to officially check out of their residence hall:

    1. If withdrawing from classes and your residence hall, obtain an official Withdrawal Form from the Admissions Office and complete the steps below.
    2. If withdrawing from the residence hall only, obtain an official Withdrawal Form from your residence hall front desk or the Office of Residence Life. Complete the steps below.
      1. Remove all belongings and clean your portion of the room and/or appliances.
      2. Contact a residence hall staff member at your front desk to check your room.
      3. Return your key to your residence hall staff member and sign out on your room condition report (RCR) and Withdrawal Form.
  13. Hall Closings

    All residence halls will be closed on the following dates.

    1. Thanksgiving Holidays
    2. Winter Holidays
    3. Spring Break Holidays-The residence halls will close at 3:00 p.m. and will re-open at 3:00 p.m. on these dates unless otherwise indicated. Please make plans to stay elsewhere during these dates. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Community Expectations

Community Expectations are designed to promote and maintain an atmosphere conducive to community living. All residents are responsible for knowing and adhering to these expectations. These expectations are a supplement to the Code of Student Conduct found in the MGCCC Student Handbook. Any violation of these expectations may result in disciplinary action. General policies regarding the conduct process may also be found in the Student Rights and Responsibilities section of the MGCCC Student Handbook.

  1. Respect for Persons

    There will be no visitation in the residence halls until further notice.
    1. Visitation

      Members of the opposite sex will be allowed to visit residents in their room on the following rotation:

      Female Residence Halls
      Monday and Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. – 10:45 p.m.
      Saturday from 6:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

      Male Residence Halls (with the exception of Owen Hall)
      Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. – 10:45 p.m.
      Friday from 6:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

      Procedures for Visitation:

      1. Visitors must leave picture ID at front desk.
      2. Resident and visitor must both sign in and out for the member’s room.
      3. Resident is responsible for visitor and his/her actions.
      4. Resident must accompany the visitor at all times while in the residence hall.
      5. Each residence hall member may only have one visitor at a time.
      6. Roommates must agree on having a visitor in the room and may not abuse this privilege.
      7. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to change or cancel hours of visitation at any time.
      8. Lobby visitation is open from Noon-12:45 a.m. Monday-Friday for individuals over the age of 13 for males or females, regardless of the sex of the resident.
      9. Weekend lobby visitation is only open at the discretion of the receptionist at the front desk, but assuredly during opposite sex visitation for that building.
      10. Owen Hall does not have any visitation privileges.
      11. If the receptionist is not present at the desk, there is no visitation.
    2. Access to Non-Public Area

      A resident who has been authorized by a building staff member to have a visitor must escort them to any non-public areas (suites, rooms, upstairs lobbies, restrooms, courtyard, etc.) at all times.

    3. Overnight Guests
      1. Residents are permitted to have a guest of the same sex stay overnight in their rooms on occasion if that guest is approved with the Residence Hall Supervisor and roommate, and identified as a guest at least 24 hours prior. Such guests may not stay for more than 3 days in any 30 day period without expressed permission from the Residence Hall Supervisor.
      2. This policy does not include children under the age of 13 or members of the opposite sex (including family members). No babysitting is permitted at any time in the residence halls.
      3. Roommates should always consider each other and study schedules before inviting guests.
      4. Residents are responsible for guest and his/her actions.
      5. If guests stay longer than authorized or stay without authorization, he/she will be asked to leave and the resident will lose their privilege to have guests.
      6. Guests are defined as non-MGCCC students or MGCCC students not residing on campus.
      7. Residents of a residence hall visiting in another residence hall room (including their own residence hall) are also considered guests of that room and may not enter after 10:45 p.m. unless authorized by the Residence Hall Supervisor.
    4. Quiet Hours

      Courtesy quiet hours are in effect 24/7 in which unusually loud noise is not permitted. Quiet hours are in effect from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. during which time no noise should be heard outside student rooms.

    5. Curfew
      1. Campus curfew is in effect beginning at 11:00 p.m. each night.
      2. Loitering within 50 feet from a residence hall after 11:00 p.m. is not permitted.
      3. Leaving the residence hall after 1:00 a.m. and coming in after 1:00 a.m. is considered a violation of the student handbook. Please see your hall supervisor if you feel you have a special circumstance (work or an emergency).
    6. Propping Doors

      Propping open of exterior doors or using emergency exits or windows for reasons other than emergencies is not permitted.

    7. Pets

      Possession of a pet of any kind inside a building is not permitted.

    8. Walkways

      In consideration of safety and of students with disabilities, hallways, sidewalks and stairwells must be kept free of obstructions at all times.

    9. Tobacco Products

      Tobacco use of any kind is not permitted on any MGCCC property.

    10. Cleanliness

      Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms and bathroom suites. Residents may be charged judicially and/or financially for special cleaning necessitated by improper care of rooms.

    11. Lobby Dress

      Residence hall lobbies are considered public areas whereby a student’s expectation of privacy is limited. Because members of the opposite gender are often present, and in respect for fellow residents and guests, it is therefore requested that mature judgment be exercised concerning dress in the lobby at all times. Dress should be such as to prevent any underwear, lingerie, etc., from showing.

    12. Sexual Misconduct

      Please refer to the policies listed in the Student Handbook under Student Conduct Regulations.

  2. Respect for Property

    1. Keys/ID

      A resident shall have one key to his/her room and suite. Roommates will not be allowed to share a key. You may not give your key or ID to anyone else. Replacement keys are $25. Residents losing a key should report the loss to your residence hall front desk and understand that $25 will be charged to your account for the key replacement. Students will get two (2) free lockouts before being charged a $25 fee to unlock doors, payable through the Business Office. Damage to or tampering with the room locks will result in a damage fee and/or other fine. You are responsible for doors left unlocked and subsequently locked by a staff member, roommate or campus police.

      Replacement IDs are $10. Residents losing an ID should report the loss to the Business Office and pay $10 for ID replacement, present the receipt to an Admissions staff member and a new ID will be issued. The ID can be activated at the Office of Residence Life. Any keys or IDs found should immediately be turned in to a staff member.

    2. Damages

      Students living in campus housing will be billed for all damages or losses they cause to college buildings, furnishings, equipment, or other property. Costs for damage that occurs in common areas (hallways, bathrooms, suites, etc.) will be charged to all residents assigned to that common area unless one or more individuals are found to be directly responsible. Malicious and/or deliberate residence hall damage will result in removal from college housing and/or further disciplinary action.

      Students may not attach outside aerials, mount T.V.’s, or use any type of object that will leave a hole in the wall or rip paint off of the wall for any reason. Students cannot register for classes until fines for residence hall damages are paid.

    3. Refrigerators and Microwaves

      Only one refrigerator and microwave is permitted in individual rooms. Refrigerators may not be larger than 5 cubic feet and microwaves not larger than 700 watts.

    4. Decorative Containers

      Container collections, decorative or otherwise, including but not limited to bottles, cans, and bottle caps are not permitted in the residence halls.

    5. Alcohol Devices

      Kegs, beer balls, funnels, bongs and other devices that promote irresponsible drinking are not permitted in the residence halls.

    6. Amplified Instruments

      Drums and amplified instruments are not permitted in the residence halls.

    7. Free Weights

      Free weights in student rooms pose concerns of safety, damage and noise, and are not permitted.

    8. Fire Safety
      1. Fire Equipment Tampering: students are not to tamper with or remove any fire or safety equipment, including but not limited to smoke detectors or fire extinguishers, in the residence halls.
      2. Setting Fires: setting of, or adding to unauthorized fires on college property is not permitted.
      3. Unattended Cooking Food: cooking food must be attended at all times to prevent fires and unintentional fire alarms.
      4. Vacating Building During Fire Alarm: students must vacate the building when the fire alarm system is activated.
      5. Open Element Burning: possession and/or burning of any type of material to include candles, incense or other open flame or open element devices is not permitted in the residence halls.
      6. Shower: water cannot be run in the shower for prolonged periods of time without anyone in it.
    9. Cooking in Student Rooms
      1. Permitted Appliances: coffee makers, espresso machines and toasters are permitted.
      2. Appliances NOT Permitted: any open elements including but not limited to toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, charcoal or gas grills, electric frying pans, etc. are not permitted in student rooms, lobbies or courtyards.
      3. Cleaning Cooking Areas: all cooking areas should be cleaned immediately after use. Students should keep all sinks free of dishes or other items.
    10. Removal of College Property

      College property may not be removed from student rooms or from public areas.

    11. Roughhousing

      Sports and general roughhousing are not permitted in residence hall rooms or public areas.

    12. Windows

      Windows must remain closed and locked with the exception of emergency situations or approval of the Hall Supervisor

    13. Tampering with Locks

      Students may not remove, alter or tamper with door closures, peepholes or locks. Additional locks may not be added to the room or suite bathroom doors.

    14. Throwing Objects

      Throwing or dropping objects is not permitted.

    15. Hoverboards

      Any person is prohibited from possessing, using and charging hoverboards in any building or facility on MGCCC’s premises. This prohibition does not include battery-operated scooters used to meet disability mobility needs. It is not the intent of this policy to prohibit the use of hoverboards (including self-balancing scooters, battery operated scooters and hands-free Segways) on College-owned roadways/sidewalks.

  3. Respect for Operations

    1. Attendance

      Attendance is required of all scheduled residence hall meetings.

    2. Room Changes

      All room changes must be authorized by appropriate personnel and must follow established change procedures.

    3. Computers
      1. Routers: routers are not allowed in the residence halls and will be confiscated upon discovery.
      2. Downloading: downloading or sharing copyrighted material is not permitted.
      3. Servers: computers will not be used as servers.
    4. Keys and Residence Hall Access
      1. ID/Keys: students are not allowed to give their MGCCC ID or room key to others.
      2. Unauthorized Duplication of Keys: unauthorized duplication of keys is not permitted.
      3. Reporting of Missing Keys: students are expected to report lost, stolen, or missing keys or access cards immediately to Campus Police or the Office of Residence Life.
      4. Key Record Falsification: Falsification of information in an attempt to obtain a back-up key is prohibited.

Office of Residence Life
(601) 928-6220