Welcome to the Residence Halls

At Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, we use “Residence Hall” and not “Dorm.” To us, the word “dorm” means a place to hang your hat and sleep. We want you to have more!

Our trained Residence Life staff offers you information, advice, and support. They help develop an atmosphere of community living that helps you in your academic and personal growth.

“Residence Hall” means a total campus living experience. The next time you hear the word “dorm”–remember–that’s not where your MGCCC experience happens!

Meal Plans

All residents must select a 5 or 7 day meal plan and be registered for at least 12 credit hours (9 of these hours seated, non-online classes). See Campus Dining for facilities and hours.

5 Day Meal Plan

A 5 Day Meal plan covers Sunday dinner through Friday lunch.

7 Day Meal Plan

A 7 Day Meal Plan covers all meals in except for Sunday breakfast, but a brunch is served on Sunday mornings.

Residence Hall Amenities

What to Bring

Below is a list of items that you may bring to make your room more comfortable for day-to-day living. Many of these items are optional. MGCCC does not require you to purchase any of these items; however, in most cases we do not provide these items either. Check with your roommate before move-in so that you don’t crowd your room with two of everything.

What Not to Bring (Prohibited Items)

MGCCC campuses are alcohol, tobacco, and drug free!


Office of Residence Life
(601) 928-6220