Close up cropped photo of work of the lab team. They are concentrated on discovering innovations of health industry.

Medical Laboratory Technology Coursework

The MLT courses are taught in a set sequence ending with clinical rotations. Clinical rotation spots are limited which limits the number of
students in clinicals and in turn each class accepted.

Classes are taught during the day at the Jackson County Campus. MLT courses are very hands-on lab based and face to face classes are the industry standard.

To find class times, visit the MGCCC Class Schedules.

Freshman Year


Course Credit(s)
BIO 2514 - Anatomy and Physiology I (LEC/LAB)

Fall Session

Course Credit(s)
MLT 1112 - Fundamentals of Medical Laboratory Technology/Phlebotomy
MLT 1413 - Immunology/Serology
ENG 1113 - English Composition I
PSY 1513 - General Psychology
CHE 1214 - General Chemistry I, Lecture and Laboratory
CHE 1314 - Principles of Chemistry I, Lecture and Laboratory

Spring Session

Course Credit(s)
MAT 1313 - College Algebra
SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I
MLT 1514 - Clinical Chemistry
MLT 1212 - Urinalysis Body Fluids
MLT 1314 - Hematology I

Sophomore Year

Summer Session

Course Credit(s)
MLT 2522 - Pathogenic Microbiology I
MLT 1324 - Hematology II

Fall Session

Course Credit(s)
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
MLT 2424 - Immunohematology
MLT 2614 - Pathogenic Microbology II
MLT 2944 - Clinical Practicum I
MLT 2711 - MLT Seminar

Spring Session

Course Credit(s)
MLT 2954 - Clinical Practicum II
MLT 2964 - Clinical Practicum III
MLT 2974 - Clinical Practicum IV
MLT 2723 - Certification Fundamentals for Medical Laboratory Technology

Total Credits: 72