Get the Tuition Assistance You Need by Applying for MGCCC Scholarships

There are nearly two hundred different scholarships that students can apply for at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Visit each scholarship to discover the application process, eligibility requirements, and award amount.

Institutional Scholarships

A maximum of two Institutional Scholarships may be applied to a student’s account each semester. In the case of multiple Institutional Scholarships, a student should choose the two scholarships which benefit them the most.*

Institutional Scholarships Pay For**

  • Tuition and book rental for commuter students
  • Tuition, book rental, and/or room & board for residential students

Explore our Scholarships

  • Academic Excellence Scholarship

    MGCCC provides academic scholarships for full-time, first-time to enter college students with qualifying ACT scores. The students must be legal residents of Mississippi, meet all admission requirements, and register for classes.

  • Foundation Scholarships

    These scholarships are made available through generous gifts from individuals, corporations, and organizations. They are awarded to students based on merit and/or need, depending on the eligibility criteria established by the donor. Funding of scholarships is contingent upon availability of funds.

  • Honors College

    To be eligible for an Honors Scholarship, a student must apply and enroll in the MGCCC Honors College. Students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours each semester, including seven hours of honors credit courses and an honors forum.

  • New Century Skills Scholarships

    New Century Skills Scholarships are formerly known as the Career and Technical (CTE) Scholarships. Mississippi high school students who completed a two-year secondary career/technical/vocational program with good grades may be eligible for full-or-half tuition scholarships when they enter MGCCC as full-time, first-time to enter college students.

  • Performance and Service-Based Scholarships

    When MGCCC students participate in performance groups or groups that perform service to the school like marching band, cheerleading, choir, drama, and being resident assistants, they are eligible for Performance and Service-Based Scholarships.

  • High School Equivalency (HSE) Scholarships

    MGCCC awards students with tuition-only scholarships based on High School Equivalency test scores. In order to qualify for these awards, students must have taken the HSE test within the past three years and first-time college attendance of the student.

  • Leadership Scholarship

    The MGCCC Leadership Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship open to students who served as Student Body President or Senior Class President during their senior year of high school.

  • Athletic Scholarships

    Athletic scholarships are awarded based on a student’s individual abilities. These scholarships require students to comply with all MACJC and NJCAA policies. The awarding of athletic scholarships will be in accordance with the MACJC Handbook as approved by the community and junior college presidents.

  • Scholarships for Women

    MGCCC offers full-tuition scholarship to full-time, first-time to enter college freshmen who are preliminary winners of the following contests:
    • Distinguished Young Women of Mississippi
    • Miss Mississippi Pageant
    • Mississippi Miss Hospitality Competition

Tuition Waivers

Employee Fee Waiver

Full-time MGCCC employees/retirees, their spouse, and dependents who are children of full-time employees/retirees are awarded a full-tuition waiver. In cases of children being married or over 21 years of age, it will be necessary for the employee to certify in writing to the Vice President of Administration and/or the Vice President on the campus affected that he or she is contributing at least fifty percent to the support of the child. Recipients of the employee fee waiver are expected to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. These funds are non-refundable to students.

Senior Citizens Tuition Waiver

Mississippians ages 65 and older (and retirees ages 62-64) have the opportunity to attend most MGCCC classes tuition-free! These students must meet regular admission requirements, enroll, and register on the first day of classes for space-available courses only. They also must pay regular student fees (registration, book services, technology, etc). Classes do not include private or semi-private music lessons.

*Institutional Scholarships are applied after all applicable grant funds have been credited to the student’s account. Refunds of Institutional Scholarships will only be awarded if the student’s account balance reflects zero after all payments are applied.

**Institutional Scholarships do not cover fees, including, but not limited to: registration fees, technology fees, online class fees, CTE program fees, excessive credit hour fees (18+). Any fees applied to the account of a student who qualifies for a cash refund of Institutional Scholarships will be deducted from the student’s cash refund prior to receiving the cash refund.