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  • Radiologic Technology (Radiography)

    Radiographers perform imaging examinations and accompanying responsibilities at the request of physicians qualified to prescribe and/or perform radiologic procedures. Graduates of this program will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Radiologic Technology and are eligible to make application to the American Registry of Radiologic Technology in order to become a Registered Radiographer.

  • Reporting

    Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College encourages all members of the campus community to report any incident of sexual misconduct. The College has adopted procedures to promptly and fairly address concerns and complaints about sexual harassment.

  • Respiratory Care Technology

    Become an expert in areas related to heart and lung disorders and treatment. This program is being offered at a special discounted rate. Many of the standard fees, excluding tuition, are being covered by a grant. Contact Jennifer Patrick for more information and details on program costs at or (228) 497-7832. Save up to $1,1215* / $1,775** off program costs.

    * Freshman (2nd Year) Cohort only
    ** Sophomore (2nd Year) Cohort only

  • Respiratory Therapist to RN (Hybrid)

    Evening / Weekend Classes Only
    The Respiratory Therapist-to-RN Hybrid option is designed to assist qualified Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs) with the transition to RN practice via an evening/weekend hybrid (face to face and distance) learning environment. After successfully completing the summer transition courses, NUR 1115 and NUR 1116, the RRT student accepted into the evening/weekend hybrid option is awarded nine (9) semester hours of credit for previous Respiratory Therapy education. Thereafter, the student will by-pass the first year courses required of ADN graduates and enter semester 3 (evening/weekend) of the ADN program. Beginning with NUR 1115 or NUR 1116, and thru the terminal ADN courses, NUR 2434 and NUR 2422, course and clinical works will include the EMS/Paramedic-to-RN students and the LPN-to-RN (evening/weekend) students.

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