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  • EMS/Paramedic to RN (Hybrid)

    Evening / Weekend Classes Only
    Transition your EMS/Paramedic experience to the role of RN and save. This program is being offered at a special discounted rate. Many of the standard fees, excluding tuition, are being covered by a grant. Contact Karol Purdie for more information and details on program costs at or (228) 267-8688. Save up to $2,415 off program costs.

  • Early Childhood Education Technology

    Start your career in Early Childhood Education with a two-year degree from MGCCC. Students are able to provide services, teach, and guide young children in various early childhood professions. The curriculum meets the Mississippi Department of Education Standards and Guidelines for Pre-Kindergarten.

  • Electric Lineworker

    he Electric Lineworker non-credit training program is a one semester, 13-week program. Students receive specialized instruction in certification areas required by the electrical power industry. Upon completion, students are prepared for an entry-level position as an electrical power-line installer or repairer.

  • Electrical Technology

    Become a qualified Electrician knowledgable in the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of electrical wiring systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

  • Electronics Technology

    Electronics Technology provides the instruction necessary for students to gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to monitor instrumentation and controls for a variety of processes that include but are not limited to energy or power generation and petroleum refining.

  • Emergency Medical Sciences EMT

    This 7-credit course which prepares individuals to function in the pre-hospital environment is being offered at a special discounted rate. Many of the standard fees, excluding tuition, are being covered by a grant. Contact Hillary White for more information and details on program costs at or (228) 897-3940. Save up to $979 off program costs.

  • Emergency Medical Sciences Paramedic

    This program is designed to prepare qualified* Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) to become professional healthcare providers at the Paramedic level. Paramedic students successfully completing the program are eligible to write the National Registry Examination for Paramedic.

  • Emerging Scholars

    The Emerging Scholars Partnership brings MGCCC personnel together with counselors, principals, parents, students and teachers from local school districts to prepare high school and college students to reach their full potential, receive scholarships and become collegiate champions.

  • Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, & IT

    Committed to the idea that a deep understanding of fundamentals is imperative for future innovation, the School of Engineering, Mathematics, Data Science, and IT presents students with opportunities to study practical and theoretical concepts and to apply their knowledge. The School prepares students for industries and educational programs in multiple disciplines by providing opportunities that engage students beyond the classroom. The School boasts a strong curriculum with concentrations in Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, and a variety of relevant and timely Career & Technical paths including Computer Networking, Cybersecurity, Coding, Data Analytics, IT Specialist, Computer Programming, and Simulation and Game Design.

  • Enroll at MGCCC

    Our programs are designed with you in mind. It’s all part of staying in touch with our community’s wants and needs. Gulf Coast is your college and your connection to world full of possibilities.

  • Esports Club

    Esports Club members play everything from competitive or casual video games to board and card games. Gaming opportunities are available each week.

  • Excelerate in STEM Scholarship

    Funded by the National Science Foundation, the Excelerate in STEM scholarship program will award up to $4,500 per academic year for academically talented STEM students with demonstrated financial need. Excelerate in STEM scholars will build leadership skills, engage in mentoring, and foster a strong sense of STEM identity throughout the duration of the program.

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