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  • Degree Works

    Degree Works is an online advising tool to help you and your advisor monitor your progress toward degree completion. Degree Works matches your coursework (completed, currently enrolled, or registered for in the future) to your degree requirements in an easy-to-read worksheet that shows how the courses count toward degree requirements.

  • Dental Assistant with Dental Radiology

    This 48-hour non-credit hybrid healthcare program prepares applicants for employment opportunities within dental offices. This program will prepare students on the different aspects of professional dental assisting, including virtual scenarios and dental charting. Dental assistants perform a variety of duties in the dental field including but are not limited to therapeutic communication, multicultural interaction, psychology, oral health, preventive techniques, nutrition, chair side instrumentation, infection control, equipment safety, equipment maintenance, dental office emergencies and pain/anxiety management. Students will also learn the basic principles of dental radiology to prepare for the MS Dental Board Radiography Exam.

  • Dental Radiology

    This one (1) day, non-credit healthcare training prepares the dental assistant currently certified by the Dental Assisting Nation Board (DANB) and/or who is a graduate to a dental assisting program accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA) to apply for a Mississippi radiology permit. Individuals who are currently working or have worked in the dental field may also take this course. The students will learn basic principles of X-ray generation, image formation, biological effects of radiation, radiation protection, infection control, film processing and film mounting, intra-oral, extra-oral and panoramic radiographic technique, patient management and special problems. Upon successful completion of the program and obtaining the permit, the graduate is eligible to pursue additional opportunities in the dental field related to radiologic procedures.

  • Dialysis Technician

    This 130-hour non-credit course is designed to prepare individuals with the theoretical, technical, and clinical skills needed to maintain equipment and provide patient care to those being treated for chronic renal (kidney) diseases in hospitals, clinics, and renal dialysis facilities. Class format includes lecture, lab, and the required clinical. After one year of work experience, students may sit for the national certification as a Clinical Hemodialysis Technician.

  • Dietary/Nutritional Navigator Coursework

    The Dietary/Nutritional Navigator curriculum is a stackable credentialed 2-yr program of study that prepares the graduate to work in jobs with titles such as dietary specialist, nutritional navigator, patient navigator, and dietary patient advocate. As a certificate, diploma, and/or academic degree program, the Dietary/Nutritional Navigator concentration is designed to be compatible with a wide range of health and dietary systems, state regulations, and health and nutritional services delivery models that recognize the value that services provide to enhance the dietary and nutritional wellness of patients and communities.

  • Duties and Eligibility

    Learn more about what the Reflections Team does at MGCCC as well as the eligibility requirements students must meet in order to apply.

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