b'PN Exit Semester PNV 1676 - Alteration in Adult Health Concepts and Clinical Credit(s): 6PNV 1813 - Mental Health Nursing Credit(s): 3PNV 1914 - Nursing Transition Credit(s): 4Total Credits: 54 Total Contact Hours: 1210 Note: Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC) Practical Nursing graduates may be exempt from the pre-requisite summer course, NUR 1116.Contact a nurse administrator for additional information. *Advanced science courses have a pre-requisite requirement. See Biology Course Descriptions in the College Catalog for details about the prerequisite requirement. Science courses must be less than five years old and may be repeated once only. Science Courses (A&P I, II & Microbiology) must be less than 5 years old unless applicant is a LPN, a post professional BS degree conferred student, or has a conferred Health related Associate of Applied Science Degree. (A post Baccalaureate-Degree student is defined as a student who currently holds a bachelor\'s degree and is now pursuing the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing) A grade of "C" or better is required in all science and nursing courses. Academic support courses may be taken prior to the listed semester. **Applicants with less than an 18 Composite ACT score have additional prerequisite requirements. See Nursing Course Descriptions in the College Catalog for nursing courses pre-/co-requisite requirements.Co-requisite course with NUR 1118, NUR 1121, and NUR 1131 unless already successfully completed. + Prerequisite course to PNV 1676, PNV 1813, and PNV 1914.188'