b'Students who have completed the appeal process and have been approved will be placed on "Financial Aid Probation". Students must complete each probationary term in good standing to avoid being placed back on "Financial Aid Suspension". Because students must demonstrate "progress" in the GPA and completion rate, the minimum standards for students on probation are: Must follow the approved Academic/Graduation Plan Must earn a 2.0 cumulative GPA by the end of the probationary term Must not receive any withdrawals, failing, or incomplete grades (W, WP, WF, F, I, IP) Students who fail to meet the above standards at the end of the "Financial Aid Probation" semester will be placed on "Financial Aid Suspension" for future semesters. Campus Financial Aid Appeals Committee Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals that are submitted with supporting documentation and a graduation plan by the deadline(s) will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee prior to the next scheduled payment. Students will be notified of outcome by the 15th of the month (1st of the month deadlines) or 1st of the month (15th of the month deadlines) or the next business day. Please see Standards of Academic Progress Appeals Schedule on the Financial Aid page of the college website.Appeals submitted without supporting documentation will be denied.The decision of the Financial Aid Appeals Committee is final.42'