b"Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 3equipment to analyze Electronic circuits.(3,2,2) This course is designed toThis course covers installation of introduce theories of diseasedifferent motor control circuitsSBE 1213 - Digital causation and theand devices. Emphasis is placedElectronics pathophysiologic disorders thaton developing the student's compromise healthy systems.ability to diagram, wire, and Etiology, pathophysiologictroubleshoot the different circuitsCredit(s): 3 responses, clinicaland mechanical control devices. manifestations, radiographic(3,2,2)Introduction to Number systems, appearance, and managementlogic circuits, Counters, of alterations in body systemsSBA 2113 - AdvancedRegisters, Memory devices, will be presented. (1,1,0)Programmable LogicCombinational and Sequential Logic circuits, Boolean algebra Controllers/Data Acquisitionas used in industry for Control RGT 2934 - CertificationSystems.(3,2,2) FundamentalsCredit(s): 3 SBE 1223 - Test and Credit(s): 4This is an advanced PLC courseMeasurement Fundamentals that provides instruction in the This course is designed tovarious operations and correlate scientific componentsinstallations of advancedCredit(s): 3 of radiography to entry-levelelectrical control systems knowledge required by theutilizing programmable logicPrinciples and theories profession. (4,2,4)controllers. This will includeassociated with utilizing Test areas such as sequencerEquipment to measure DC/AC Systems Basedcontrol, introduction to Humancircuit parameters and electronic Machine Interfaces, along withcomponents. This course Automation (SBA)Data Acquisition and networking.includes the study of electrical (3,2,2)circuits, laws and formulae, and SBA 1123 - Fluid Powerthe use of test equipment to analyze DC/AC circuits.(3,2,2) Systems Based Credit(s): 3Electronics (SBE)SBE 2353 - Solid State MotorThis course provides instructionControl in hydraulics and pneumatics.SBE 1113 - Electronic This course covers actuators,Fundamentals ICredit(s): 3 accumulators, valves, pumps, motors, coolers, compression ofCredit(s): 3Principles and operation of solid air, control devices, and circuitstate motor control as well as the diagram. Emphasis is placed onPrinciples and theoriesdesign, installation, and the development of controlassociated with DCmaintenance of different solid circuits and troubleshootingcircuits.This course includesstate devices for motor techniques. (3,2,2)the study of electrical circuits,control.(3,1,4) laws and formulae, and the use SBA 1133 - Powerof test equipment to analyze DCSBE 2363 - Programmable Distributioncircuits.(3,2,2)Logic Controllers Credit(s): 3SBE 1123 - ElectronicCredit(s): 3 Fundamentals II This course provides informationPrinciples and operation of on single and three phaseCredit(s): 3Programmable Logic Controllers circuits. This includes connecting(PLCs) in modern industrial and calculating values. (3,2,2)Principles and theoriessettings as well as the operating associated with AC circuits,principles of PLCs and practice SBA 1163 - Motor ControlTransformers andin the programming, installation, SystemsSemiconductor circuits. Thisand maintenance of course includes the study ofPLCs.(3,2,2) electrical circuits, laws and formulae, and the use of testSociology (SOC) 394"