b'Credit(s): 3This course provides instructionmaterials. Prerequisite: MST on safety and advanced2725 (1,0,2) This course provides instructionapplications of the engine lathe. in general shop safety as well asPrerequisite: MST 1243 (3,2,2)MST 2714 - Computer emphasis on advancedNumerical Control Operations applications of milling machineMST 2523 - Advanced MillingI operations. Prerequisite: MSTOperations 1232 (3,2,2) Credit(s): 4 MST 1313 - Machine ToolCredit(s): 3 MathematicsAn introduction of computer This course provides instructionnumerical control (CNC) and on safety and advancedcomputer assisted Credit(s): 3applications of the vertical millingmanufacturing (CAM) techniques machine. Prerequisite: MSTand practices. Includes the use An applied mathematics course1263 (3,2,2)of the Cartesian coordinate designed for machinists thatsystem, programming codes and includes instruction and practiceMST 2532 - Precisioncommands, and tooling in algebraic and trigonometricGrinding Operationsrequirements for CNC machines. operations. (3,2,2)(4,3,2) MST 1412 - BlueprintCredit(s): 2MST 2725 - Computer ReadingNumerical Control Operations This course provides instruction on safety and grindingII Credit(s): 2operations and applications to include tool post grinding,Credit(s): 5 Interpreting and applying printscylindrical grinding, and center-and specifications designed forless grinding. Prerequisite: MSTA continuation of Computer machinists. Prerequisite: MST1251 (2,1,2)Numerical Control Operations I. 1313 (2,1,2)Includes instruction in writing MST 2542 - Gear Types andand editing CNC programs, MST 1422 - AdvancedManufacturingmachine setup and operation, Blueprint Readingand use of CAM software to program and operate CNC Credit(s): 2machines (CNC lathes, CNC Credit(s): 2mills, and CNC machine This course provides instructioncenters). Prerequisite: MST A continuation of Blueprinton safety and vertical and2714 (5,2,6) Reading with emphasis onhorizontal milling operations, advanced features of prints andformulas, and procedures specifications includesrequired to manufacture variousMST 2812 - Metallurgy instruction on the identification oftypes of gears and their various projections, views, andapplications. Prerequisite: MSTCredit(s): 2 assembly components.1263 (2,1,2) Prerequisite: MST 1412 (2,1,2)Concepts of metallurgy including MST 2551 - Advancedinstruction and practice in safety, MST 1613 - Precision LayoutMachining Technologiesmetal identification, heat treatment, and hardness testing. (2,1,2) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1Precision layout for machiningThis course provides instructionMaritime Training operations that includeson safety, operations, andAcademy (MTA) instruction and practice in theapplications of new machining use of layout instruments. (3,2,2)technologies that apply to precision manufacturing in globalMTA 1001 - Supervised Work MST 2513 - Advanced Lathemarkets. Laser technology, EDMExperience Operationswire, Die sink, plasma and water jets commonly used inCredit(s): 1 machining and forming shapes Credit(s): 3in utilizing exotic space ageThis supervised work experience368'