b"the various regions of the UnitedCredit(s): 3and drafting skills on CAD. States of America. (4,2,4)(3,1,4) Theory and problems designed CUT 2424 - Internationalto develop the ability to visualizeDDT 1323 - Computer Aided Cuisinepoints, lines, and surfaces ofDesign II space. Ninety hours instruction. Three semester hours.(3,1,4) Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3 DDT 1163 - Engineering This course is a study ofGraphicsSubject areas include cuisines of the world withdimensioning, sectional views, emphasis on use of authenticand symbols. Prerequisite: ingredients, methods, andCredit(s): 3DDT1313 (3,1,4) terminology. Prerequisites: CUT 1124, CUT 1114 or HRT 1114,This course provides anDDT 1413 - Elementary or permission of instructor.introduction to fundamentals andSurveying (4,2,4)principles of drafting to provide the basic background needed for CUT 2923 - Supervised Workall other drafting courses. (3, 2Credit(s): 3 Experience for Culinary Arts,2) This is a basic surveying course Technologythat deals with principles of DDT 1173 - Mechanicalgeometry, theory, and use of Credit(s): 3Design Ileveling instruments; calculations; the control and This course is a cooperativeCredit(s): 3reduction of errors; and the program between industry andunderstanding of land surveying education and is designed toStudents will utilize techniqueshistory. (3,1,4) integrate the student's technicalof modeling to create machine studies with industrialspecific drawings. The courseDDT 1513 - Blueprint experience. Variable credit isemphasizes methods,Reading I awarded on the basis of onetechniques, and procedures (in semester hour per 45 industrialpresenting screws, bolts, rivets, contact hours. (3,0,9)springs, thread types, symbolsCredit(s): 3 for welding, materials, finish and heat treatment notation, workingTerms and definitions used in 3D Modeling andorder preparation, routing, andreading blueprints. Basic Design Technologyother industry procedures) usedsketching, drawing, and (DDT)in mechanical design. Ninetydimensioning of objects will be hours of instruction. Prerequisite:covered. (3,2,2) DDT1163 and DDT1313 (3,1,4) DDT 1133 - Machine DraftingDDT 1613 - Architectural IDDT 1213 - ConstructionDesign I Standards and Materials Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 Emphasizes methods,This course is a study and techniques, and procedures inThis course introduces thedevelopment of architectural presenting screws, bolts, rivets,standards and materials used indesign principles for a residential springs, thread types, symbolsthe construction process. (3, 2,and/or commercial structure for welding, materials, finish and2)utilizing a 2D or 3D application. heat treatment notation, workingPrerequisites: DDT 1313, DDT order preparation, routing, and1323 or instructor approval. other drafting room procedures.DDT 1313 - Computer Aided(3,1,4) Ninety hours instruction. ThreeDesign I semester hours (3,1,4) DDT 2153 - Civil Planning Credit(s): 3and Design DDT 1153 - Descriptive GeometryThis course is designed to develop basic operating systemCredit(s): 3329"