b"MGT 1281 - MassageMGT 2223 - MassageMLT 1314 - Hematology I Therapy Clinical Lab ITherapy III Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 3 This course is a study of the This course applies theThis course will provide studentsfunction of blood, morphology, principles and theories ofwith additional knowledge andand maturation of normal cells, Introduction to Massage Therapyinformation in the area ofblood cell counts, differentials of and Massage Therapy. (1,0,2)techniques.(3,3,0)white cells, and blood collection and handling. MGT 1333 - KinesiologyMGT 2233 - MassagePrerequisites: MLT 1212, 2612, BIO 2514, CHE 1214. (4,3,2) Therapy IV Credit(s): 3MLT 1324 - Hematology II Credit(s): 3 This course studies the mechanical aspects of humanThis course will provide studentsCredit(s): 4 motion. (3,3,0)with additional knowledge and information in the area ofThis course includes the study of MGT 1343 - Pathology andtechniques.(3,3,0)abnormal cell morphology and diseases involving blood cells, Medical Terminologytest procedures used in Medical Laboratorylaboratory diagnosis of Credit(s): 3Technology (MLT)hematological disease, normal and abnormal hemostasis, and This course is designed to teachdiagnostic procedures for the student functionalMLT 1112 - Fundamentals ofevaluation of bleeding assessment of therapeuticMedical Laboratoryabnormalities and anticoagulant massage in relation toTechnology/Phlebotomytherapy. Prerequisites: MLT pathology. The student learns1314, MLT 1413; (4,2,4) pathology of multiple systemsCredit(s): 2 and determines its impact on theMLT 1413 - delivery of massage therapyThe course includes an overviewImmunology/Serology services in his or her ownof the field of Medical Laboratory practice. Discussion of theTechnology, as well as massage therapy scope offamiliarization with laboratoryCredit(s): 3 practice and its relationship tosafety, microscopes, glassware, other allied health professions isand equipment. It also includesThis course covers the science included. Understandinglaboratory organization, medicalof immunology and serology methods of communication withethics, and employmentthrough the study of theories and other professionals and clients,opportunities. Basic laboratoryprocesses related to natural exploring holistic self-carespecimen collection techniquesbody defenses. Included are practices, and developing aare introduced. (2,0,4)basic antigen-antibody reactions, systematic evaluation andcomplement action, cellular documentation scheme are alsoresponse, humoral immune covered. (3,3,0)MLT 1212 - Urinalysis Bodyresponse, and the basic Fluidsserological procedures used to MGT 1612 - Boardaid in the detection of certain PreparationCredit(s): 2diseases. Throughout this course, special emphasis is This course is an introduction toplaced on correlating laboratory Credit(s): 2urinalysis and laboratoryresults with the patient's analysis of miscellaneous bodyprobable condition. A basic course to providefluids. It includes the basicPrerequisites: MLT 1212, 2612, students with skills review forprinciples of routine and specialBIO 2514, CHE 1214. (3,2,2) board certification. (2,2,0) urine tests and specimen *If student is already a Licensedexamination through laboratoryMLT 1514 - Clinical Massage Therapist, anotherwork. Theory and test profilesChemistry academic course may be taken.are also presented for miscellaneous body fluids with correlation to diseased states.Credit(s): 4 (2,1,2) 364"