b'Therapist Assistants (PTACredit(s): 3experiences (identified in a 1213), Therapeutic ModalitiesNormative Model of PTA (PTA 1224), and KinesiologyThis course provides supervisedEducation as the last full-time (PTA 1314). (4,3,2) clinical experiences inclinical experience) that providedemonstrating the attributes andsupervised clinical experiences applying the skills for whichin demonstrating the attributes PTA 2234 - Electrotherapystudents have been deemedand applying the skills that competent for the clinical setting.prepare students for entry into Prerequisite: Core Physicalthe Physical Therapy Credit(s): 4Therapist Assistant Courses.profession. Prerequisite: All Core (3,9 clinical) Physical Therapist Assistant and This course emphasizes theory Clinical Education courses. (4,12 and practical application ofclinical)electrotherapy and otherPTA 2424 - Clinicaltherapeutic procedures. Indications and contraindicationsEducation II of modalities are also discussed.PTA 2513 - Medical Prerequisites: FundamentalCredit(s): 4Conditions and Related Concepts of Physical TherapyPathology (PTA 1123, Fundamental SkillsThis is the first of three for Physical Therapist Assistantsculminating clinical educationCredit(s): 3 (PTA 1213), and Kinesiologyexperiences (identified in a (PTA 1314). (4,3,2) normative Model of PTAThis course provides a basicEducation as the first full-timeknowledge of selected diseases clinical experience) that provideand conditions encountered in PTA 2334 - Therapeuticsupervised clinical experiencesphysical therapy practice. Exercise and Rehabilitation IIin demonstrating the attributesEmphasis is on etiology, and applying the skills thatpathology, and clinical picture of prepare students for entry intodiseases studied. Various Credit(s): 4the physical therapy profession.physical therapy procedures in Prerequisite: Core Physicaleach disability are discussed. This course presents theory,Therapist Assistant courses.Pre/corequisites: Fundamental principles, and techniques of(4,12 clinical) Concepts of Physical Therapy therapeutic exercise and (PTA 1123) , Fundamental Skills rehabilitation for primarilyfor Physical Therapist Assistants neurological conditions. MethodsPTA 2434 - Clinical(PTA 1213), Kinesiology (PTA of functional, motor, and sensory1314), Therapeutic Modalities assessment and interventionEducation III (PTA 1224), Electrotherapy techniques are included.(PTA 2234), Clinical Education I Principles of prosthetics andCredit(s): 4(PTA 2413), Therapeutic orthotics, functional training, andExercise and Rehabilitation I other techniques are covered.This is the second of three(PTA 1324), and Therapeutic Pre/corequisites: Fundamentalculminating clinical educationExercise and Rehabilitation II Concepts of Physical Therapyexperiences that provide(PTA 2334). (3,3,0)(PTA 1123), Fundamental Skillssupervised clinical experiencesfor Physical Therapist Assistantsin demonstrating the attributes (PTA 1213), Therapeuticand applying the skills that Modalities PTA 1224),prepare students for entry intoPTA 2523 - Physical Therapy Kinesiology (PTA 1314),the Physical Therapy profession.Seminar Therapeutic Exercise andPrerequisite: Core Physical Rehabilitation I (PTA 1324), andTherapist Assistant courses.Credit(s): 3 Clinical Education I (PTA 2413).(4,12 clinical)(4,3,2)This course represents asynthesis of previous didactic, PTA 2444 - Clinicallaboratory, and clinicalEducation IVexperiences. Students are directed to explore a topic or PTA 2413 - Clinicalarea of interest in physical Education ICredit(s): 4therapy practice. Recognition of the importance of employability This is the third of threeskills after graduation is culminating clinical educationincluded. Prerequisite: Four 390'