b"Credit(s): 3Licensure of Childcare Facilities,will be reflected in their Mississippi Early Learningcurriculum planning. Students This course provides knowledgeStandards, the Infant Toddlerwill gain strategies for of general health, safety, andStandards, Infant Toddlerorganizing, analyzing, and nutrition practices in the careEnvironmental Rating Scaleinterpreting observation data to and education of young childrenRevised (ITERS-R), and Earlyimprove program quality and that includes health and safetyChildhood Environmental Ratingmeet the needs of individual issues required by theScale Revised (ECERS-R). Labchildren. The learning Mississippi Department of Healthactivities will be implementedexperiences will be implemented (MDH) Regulations Governingduring Practicum I and II. (3,3,0)during Practicum. (3,3,0) Licensure of Childcare Facilities and referenced in the InfantCDT 2413 - Development ofCDT 2714 - Social Studies, Toddler Environmental Ratingthe Exceptional ChildMath, and Science for Young Scale Revised (ITERS-R) and Early Childhood EnvironmentalChildren Rating Scale Revised (ECERS- Credit(s): 3 R). (3,3,0)Credit(s): 4 This course provides knowledge CDT 1713 - Language andof atypically developing children,This course provides knowledge Literacy Development forfamily, and classroomof strategies for developing and intervention strategies andimplementing developmentally Young Childrenavailable support services.appropriate experiences in social Legal, ethical, legislative, andstudies, math, and science for Credit(s): 3family issues will be explored.young children. Lab activities Resources include Infantwith the children are This course provides knowledgeToddler Environmental Ratingimplemented during Practicum. of oral and written languageScale Revised (ITERS-R), and(4,4,0) development of young childrenEarly Childhood Environmental and the strategies for theRating Scale Revised (ECERS- CDT 2813 - Administration of development andR). (3,2,2)Programs for Young Children implementation of developmentally appropriateCDT 2513 - Family Dynamics language and literacyand Community InvolvementCredit(s): 3 experiences throughout the curriculum. The Mississippi EarlyThis course provides knowledge Learning Standards, InfantCredit(s): 3of the development and Toddler Standards, Infantadministration of early childhood Toddler Environmental RatingThis course provides knowledgeeducation programs. Emphasis Scale Revised (ITERS-R), andfor establishing successfulis placed on evaluation of Early Childhood Environmentalpartnerships with children'spolicies and procedures, Rating Scale Revised (ECERS- families and communities byorganizational structure, R) are utilized. Activities will becreating respectful, reciprocalmanagement, and the quality implemented during Practicum.relationships that support andmeasures through state (3,3,0)empower families while involvingagencies. (3,3,0) families in their children's CDT 2233 - Guiding Socialdevelopment and learning. (agesCDT 2913 - Initial Practicum birth to 8 years). (3,3,0) and Emotional Behavior CDT 2613 - Methods,Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3Materials, and Measurement This course is a supervised This course provides knowledgepracticum which includes a of the typical behaviors of youngCredit(s): 3minimum of 120 clock hours of children at each stage ofobservation and supervised development, environmentalThis course provides knowledgeteaching in an approved early influences affecting theirof an integrated approach tochildhood setting. The course behavior, and the practice ofplanning, preparing,provides the application of positive guidance principles byimplementing, and evaluatingevidence based best practices of adult caregivers. Resourcesearly childhood curriculum andearly education principles and include the Mississippienvironments. As students gaintheories. Students work to create Department of Healtha broader understanding ofan environment that is safe, Regulations Governingyoung children, this knowledgehealthy, and developmentally 320"