b'Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 4This course is a continuation ofA continuation of ACC 2213. TheFundamentals of gas, fluid, Non-Structural Analysis andtopics to be covered includeelectrical, and programmable Damage Repair II.This coursecorporate accounting concepts,controls. (4,2,4) provides instruction for outermanagerial accounting concepts body panel repair, replacement,and internal business decisionACT 1313 - Refrigeration and adjustment principles andmaking. Prerequisite: ACC 2213.System Components practices. (3,2,2)(3,3,0) ABT 2336 - Refinishing IIIHeating, AirCredit(s): 3Conditioning, andThis course includes an in-depth Credit(s): 6Refrigerationstudy of the components and accessories of a sealed system A continuation of Refinishing IITechnology (ACT)including metering devices, with emphasis on advancedevaporators, compressors, and painting techniques includingACT 1003 - Introduction tocondensers. (3,2,2) paint mixing, matching, andHeating & Air Conditioning applying and detailing. (6,2,8)TechnologyACT 1713 - Electricity for Heating, Ventilation, Air ABT 2913 - Special ProblemCredit(s): 3Conditioning, and in Collision RepairRefrigeration I TechnologyThis course is designed to introduce students to theCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3fundamental skills associated with all HVAC courses.Safety,This course includes basic A course to provide studentsbasic tools, special tools, andknowledge of electricity, power with an opportunity to utilizeequipment, communicationdistribution, components, solid skills and knowledge gained inskills, employability skills, andstate devices, and electrical other Collision Repairmaterials handling topics arecircuits. (3,2,2) Technology courses.Theincluded. (3,2,2) instructor and student work closely together to select a topicACT 2324 - Commercial ACT 1124 - BasicRefrigeration and establish criteria forCompression Refrigeration completion of the project.(3,0,6) Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4 Accounting (ACC) A study of various commercial An introduction to the field ofrefrigeration systems.Includes ACC 2213 - Principles ofrefrigeration and air- installation, servicing, and Accounting Iconditioning.Emphasis ismaintaining systems. (4,2,4) placed on trade math, thermodynamics and heat Credit(s): 3transfer. (4,2,4)ACT 2414 - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Study of the fundamentals andACT 1133 - Brazing & Piping& Refrigeration I application of financial accounting principles that relate to business. The topics to beCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 4 covered include the accounting cycle and the accountingThis course includes variousThis course includes residential systems for service andtools and pipe connectingair-conditioning including indoor merchandising businesses.techniques.This courseair quality. This course includes Previous knowledge ofincludes specialized tools andmodules on basic maintenance, accounting is not required fortest equipment required inair quality equipment, ACC 2213 (3,3,0)heating, ventilation, air- troubleshooting cooling, and conditioning, and refrigeration.troubleshooting gas heating. (3,2,2)(4,2,4) ACC 2223 - Principles of Accounting II ACT 1214 - Controls 307'