b'A - 4 quality points per semester hour B - 3 quality points per semester hour C - 2 quality points per semester hour D - 1 quality point per semester hour F - 0 quality points per semester hour Grades of I, IP, AU, W, WP, WF, and P do not incur quality points. If a student does not earn sufficient quality points in a course or fails the course, the student can repeat the course to improve the grade and quality points. At Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, the best grade earned in the same course is used to compute GPA. A transfer student\'s quality points will be computed on the grades of earned semester hours. Grade point averages are determined by totaling the quality points earned in all courses and dividing the sum by the total semester hours attempted. Example: A student earns a grade of "A" in English Composition I (3 semester hours) and a grade of B in General Biology I (4 semester hours) = 3 semester hours X 4 quality points = 12 quality points for English Composition I. 4 semester hours X 3 quality points = 12 quality points for General Biology I. 24 total quality points / 7 semester hours attempted = 3.43 GPA D. President\'s and Vice President\'s Lists Scholarship is the chief goal of serious college students. The Board of Trustees, administration and faculty attempt to stimulate and recognize exemplary scholastic achievement each semester. President\'s List: Students will be recognized on the President\'s List by earning twelve or more semester hours with a 4.0 (all A\'s) grade point average. Vice President\'s List: Students will be recognized on the Vice President\'s List by earning twelve or more semester hours with a 3.30 to 3.99 grade point average with no grade less than a "C." E. Academic Awards Awards for high academic achievement may be given each year at the discretion of the faculty.These are usually awarded to students who have the highest academic achievement in the course of study.Students who receive an award are recognized at the annual awards ceremony held on each campus. F. Auditing a Course Students registering for audit purposes will be charged regular tuition fees. When official grades are not desired, audit privileges are available to students for the purpose of review and/or special interest. In order to register for an audit, students first go through the normal registration process and, as part of the process, complete an "Audit Permit" form available from the Enrollment Services Office. This form is to be completed at the time of registration. I.The following apply to students who register for audit at the beginning of a semester:1.A grade of "AU" will be recorded at the end of the semester for students who have filed a properly completed Auditing Permit. 2.A student may choose whether or not he/she takes tests and completes other assignments in the class(es) and must, at the beginning of the term of audit, inform the instructor of his/her choice. 3.When in attendance for any class session, the student must be on time for the class and remain for the entire class period. 52'