b"Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College maintains a highly successful athletic program. The Bulldogs, as the college athletic teams are known, compete in the Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges in football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, men's soccer, women's soccer, softball, golf, men's tennis and women's tennis. These competitive teams have won state, regional, and national championships in recent years with many students being named as All-American. Student-athletes who participate in intercollegiate athletics must comply with the existing rules and regulations of the Mississippi Association of Community and Junior Colleges and the National Junior College Athletic Association. Therefore, all student-athletes must fulfill college admissions requirements and remain in good academic standing in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics.It is the goal of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College athletic department to provide our student-athletes with the resources necessary to ensure their success while both at our institution and their future destination. Student Complaint and Grievance Procedures The criteria for Student Complaints and Grievance Procedures are stated in Policies and Procedures Statement No. 718, which is located on the college website.Students may also see the Student Handbook for procedures regarding filing a grievance or complaint. Career and Technical Support Services The Career-Technical Department at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College believes that all students deserve a chance to be successful in their fields of study. A Career-Technical Support Team at each campus or center can help you succeed in the career or technical field of your choice. These dedicated personnel assist students in successfully mastering a career or technical program. The Support Teams are dedicated to serving the needs of all students: students with disabilities; students entering non-traditional fields; students who are single parents or displaced homemakers; students who are economically disadvantaged; students who have difficulty with the English language; academically deficient or other federally identified barriers. Clubs and Organizations Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College provides a wide variety of student clubs and organizations for our students. These clubs are intended to help students branch out and discover new opportunities and avenues for personal enrichment. For a full listing of these student clubs and organizations, please go to the Student Life section on our college website or see a Coordinator of Student Life. Student Government Association The Student Government Association plans activities for the students, encourages student discussion of campus concerns, presents helpful recommendations to the faculty and administration, and generally acts in an advisory capacity to the students. Students have the opportunity to take an active part in the Student Government Association on each campus. Made up of selected and elected representatives from each class of the college, these democratic bodies, through executive and advisory functions, are the voices of the students in helping to determine the success of the college. The membership of Student Government Association is composed of representatives of each campus. Each member is guaranteed all rights of membership and shall be subject to all procedures in accordance with the constitution. The representatives will consist of six executive officers, the freshman class president, the sophomore class president, and members-at-large. The Student Government Association on each campus also exercises general supervision over other campus organizations and must approve the formation of any new group on campus. 46"