b'coaching football. Emphasis willHPR 2531 - Individual andCredit(s): 3 be placed upon the objectives,Dual Sports III rules, regulations, and policies ofThis course covers an competitive athletics, as well asCredit(s): 1introduction to the profession, on individual skills, team tactics,including but not limited to organization and managementprocedural aspects of the practices. (3,3,0)This course covers the rules,athletic training room operations, techniques, participation androle delineations, preparation, equipment in (activities)and competencies with 50 HPR 2443 - Soccer Theory__________________. (name observational/experience hours sport). (1,0,2)under a Board of Certification Credit(s): 3(BOC) certified athletic trainer. HPR 2541 - Individual andThis course is recommended for This course covers and exploresDual Sports IVAthletic Training majors. (3,3,0) the theories, practices, tactics and strategies involved inCredit(s): 1HPR 2823 - Recreation coaching soccer. Emphasis will be placed upon the objectives,Program Planning and rules, regulations, and policies ofThis course covers the rules,Development competitive athletics, as well astechniques, participation and on individual skills, team tactics,equipment in (activities)Credit(s): 3 organization and management___________________. (name practices. (3,3,0)sport). (1,0,2)This course covers techniques and processes in program HPR 2453 - Baseball TheoryHPR 2551 - Fitness andplanning, implementation, Conditioning Training IIIdevelopment, and evaluation in recreation setting. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 1 This course covers and exploresHospitality and the theories, practices, tacticsThis course covers instructionTourism (HRT) and strategies involved inand practice of basic principles coaching baseball. Emphasis willof fitness and conditioning be placed upon the objectives,through a variety of exercisesHRT 1114 - Culinary rules, regulations, and policies ofand activities. (1,0,2)Principles I competitive athletics, as well as on individual skills, team tactics,HPR 2561 - Fitness andCredit(s): 4 organization and managementConditioning Training IV practices. (3,3,0)Fundamentals of food Credit(s): 1preparation and cookery HPR 2511 - Team Sports IIIemphasizing high standards for This course covers instructionpreparation of meat, poultry, Credit(s): 1and practice of basic principlesseafood, vegetables, soups, of fitness and conditioningstocks, sauces, and farinaceous This course covers the rules,through a variety of exercisesitems. (4,2,4) techniques, participation andand activities. (1,0,2) equipment in (activities)HRT 1123 - Introduction to _______________________.HPR 2723 - Prevention andHospitality and Tourism (name sport). (1,0,2)Care of Athletic InjuriesIndustry HPR 2521 - Team Sports IVCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1This course covers the theoryThis course is designed as an and practice for the prospectiveintroduction to the hospitality and This course cover the rules,athletic trainer or coach in thetourism industry. The course techniques, participation andprevention and care of athleticincludes discussions and equipment in (activities)injuries. (3,3,0).industry observations to discover _______________________.the opportunities, trends, (name sport). (1,0,2)problems, and organizations in HPR 2733 - Introduction tothe field. (3,3,0) Athletic Training 345'