b"Citizenship Award . 44Veterans Educational Services: 44Veterans Administration Information . 44Maintenance of Records . 45Residency Information for Military and Dependents 45Previous Education and Training Period . 45Standards of Progress for Students Receiving V.A. Benefits 45Attendance Records for Students Receiving V.A. Benefits . 45Reports to the Veterans Administration 45Athletics 45Student Complaint and Grievance Procedures. 46Career and Technical Support Services . 46Clubs and Organizations 46Student Government Association . 46Residence Life (Perkinston Campus) . 47The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Alumni Association 47The Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Foundation 47Instructional Information . 48 Graduation Information 48 Selection of Catalog for Graduation 48College-Level Competencies for Graduation 48General Graduation Requirements . 48Specific Graduation Requirements . 48Associate of Arts (AA) . 48Associate of Science (AS) . 49Associate of Applied Science (AAS) 49Honors and Special Honors Distinction . 50Articulation Agreements 50Academic Load 50 Grades . 50 Definitions of Letter Grades 50Grade Changes Due to Error 51Quality Points and Grade Point Average (GPA) . 51President's and Vice President's Lists 52Academic Awards . 52Auditing a Course . 52Scholastic Standards . 53 Minimum Scholastic Standards of Progress . 534"