b'PHI 2613 - Introduction toPHT 1213 - Prevention andmath and statistical World ReligionsCommunity Healthcomputations, census and occupancy rates, vital statistics Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3and mortality rates. Prerequisites: Admission into one of the PHT/Navigator An introduction to the beliefs andThis course provides opportunityConcentrations. PHT courses practices of Buddhism,for study in personal andmust be taken in curriculum Christianity, Hinduism, Islam,community health problems asdisplay.(3,3,0)Judaism, and other religiouswell as steps that can be takentraditions. (3,3,0)by individuals and groups to reduce risk of health problems Public Healthfor individuals, families andPHT 2113 - Introduction to communities. It also provides anEpidemiology Technology (PHT)in-depth review of the nature of community health services andCredit(s): 3 PHT 1113 - Intro to Healthresources. The course will Care & Public Healthemphasize the need forThis course will cover multidimensional approachesapplications of epidemiologic that community/public healthmethods and procedures to the Credit(s): 3professionals can use to helpstudy of the distribution and individuals overcome barriers.determinants of health and This course will provide studentsPrerequisites: Admission intodiseases, morbidity, injuries, with an overview of theone of the PHT/Navigatordisability and mortality in population health approach toConcentrations. PHT coursespopulations. A study of the community and public health.must be taken in curriculumcauses, incidence and Course topics include history,display. (3,3,0) distribution of common diseases, terminology, philosophy and including the humanistic and ethical principles of communityeconomic implications of these and public health. This coursePHT 1222 - Health Insurancediseases. Pre/corequisites: includes a review of publicAdmission into one of the health policy, healthcarePHT/Navigator Concentrations. systems and the roles of healthCredit(s): 2PHT courses must be taken in professionals. Prerequisites:curriculum display.(3,3,0)Admission into one of theThis course will provide anPHT/Navigator Concentrations.overview of public and private PHT courses must be taken inhealth insurance products, curriculum display. (3,3,0) services and delivery methods.PHT 2123 - HealthEmphasis will be placed onInformation Access and health insurance/financingAnalysis PHT 1123 - HealthCareprinciples, access to care and terminology. Prerequisites: DeliveryAdmission into one of theCredit(s): 3 PHT/Navigator Concentrations. Credit(s): 3PHT courses must be taken inThis course will provide a brief curriculum display.(2,2,0) overview of healthcare law, This course will provide a review introduction to health information of the U.S. healthcare deliverysystems as well as system system including topics such asintegrations and provides PHT 1233 - Public Healthknowledge of health record the changing role of healthcareStatistics and Analysiscontent and reporting providers, hospitals, otherrequirements. Topics will include facilities and governmentalHIPAA, record content, agencies and the relationshipsCredit(s): 3 among suchelectronic health record, data entities.Prerequisites:This course provides instructionsets and reporting requirements. Admission into one of thein basic mathematical concepts,Pre/corequisites: Admission into PHT/Navigator Concentrations.including the ability to interpretone of the PHT/Navigator PHT courses must be taken instatistical data, gather and reportConcentrations. PHT courses curriculum display.(3,3,0) statistical data. Emphasis will bemust be taken in curriculumplaced on common statisticaldisplay.(3,3,0)computations and their use inpublic health settings. Topics that will be covered include basic 385'