b'genetics, and molecularand physiology. (By invitationBIO 1514 - Principles of genetics. (4,3,2)only.) (4,3,2)Anatomy and Physiology I (LEC/LAB) BIO 1134H - Honors GeneralBIO 1214 - Environmental Biology I (LEC/LAB)Science (LEC/LAB)Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 4A combined lecture and laboratory course that provides A combined lecture andA combined lecture andan introduction to the anatomical laboratory course for sciencelaboratory course covering theand physiological study of the majors that covers the majorrelevance of ecologicalhuman body at the molecular, themes of biology, the scientificprinciples to environmentalcellular, tissue, organ, and organ method, chemistry relevant toproblems and the relationship ofsystem levels. Organ systems biological systems, cellhumans to their environmentcovered in this course are the processes includingwith emphasis on preservation ofintegumentary, muscular, photosynthesis and cellularenvironmental quality. Labsskeletal and nervous systems. respiration, cell division,associated with this courseLabs associated with this course genetics, and molecularcontain experiments andcontain experiments and genetics. (By invitation only.)exercises that reinforce theexercises that reinforce the (4,3,2)principles introduced in lectureprinciples introduced in lecture classes. (4,3,2)classes. (4,3,1) BIO 1144 - General Biology II (LEC/LAB)BIO 1314 - Botany IBIO 1523 - Principles of (LEC/LAB)Anatomy and Physiology II Credit(s): 4Lecture Credit(s): 4 A combined lecture andCredit(s): 3 laboratory course for scienceA combined lecture and majors that reinforces themeslaboratory course covering theA lecture course that provides an and concepts introduced in BIOrepresentative groups of theintroduction to the anatomical 1134 General Biology I, whileplant kingdom, their anatomy,and physiological study of the emphasizing the diversity of life.physiology, taxonomy, andhuman endocrine, Topics covered includeeconomic importance. Labscardiovascular, lymphatic and evolution, classification, ecology,associated with this courseimmune, respiratory, digestive, detailed consideration of majorcontain experiments andand urinary systems, as well as groups of organisms, viruses,exercises that reinforce thereproduction and development. and the study of animals andprinciples introduced in lecture(3,3,0) plants including their anatomyclasses. Prerequisite: *(4,3,2) and physiology. Prerequisite: BIO 1524 - Principles of BIO 1134 (4,3,2)Anatomy and Physiology II BIO 1513 - Principles of(LEC/LAB) BIO 1144H - Honors GeneralAnatomy and Physiology I Biology II (LEC/LAB)LectureCredit(s): 4Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 3A combined lecture and laboratory course that provides A combined lecture andA lecture course that providesan introduction to the anatomical laboratory course for scienceintroduction to the anatomicaland physiological study of majors that reinforces themesand physiological study of thehuman endocrine, circulatory, and concepts introduced in BIOhuman body at the molecular,respiratory, digestive, and 1134 General Biology I, whilecellular, tissue, organ, and organurinary systems, as well as emphasizing the diversity of life.system levels.Organ systemsreproduction and development. Topics covered includecovered in this course are theLabs associated with this course evolution, classification, ecology,integumentary, muscular,contain experiments and detailed consideration of majorskeletal, and nervous systems.exercises that reinforce the groups of organisms, viruses,(3,3,0)principles introduced in lecture and the study of animals andclasses. (4,3,1) plants including their anatomy BIO 1613 - Nutrition, Lecture 313'