b'MAR 1123 - FundamentalsMaintenance and repair of thehull and structure damages. Maritime Engine IIbasic engine block of a two-and(3,2,2) four-stroke maritime Credit(s): 3engine.Includes instruction inMAR 1726 - Industrial engine disassembly inspection,Maintenance & Mechanical maintenance/repair and A continuation of Fundamentalsreassembly. (3,1,4)Skills for Energy Training of Maritime Engine I. Includes instruction in the rebuilding ofCredit(s): 6 maritime engines and theMAR 1263 - Marine inspection/repair of theseGearcase, Outdrives & engines. Prerequisite: MARTransmission SystemsApplication of oil & gas related 1113. (3,2,2)systems. Emphasizes related to equipment and devices used in Credit(s): 3the oil & gas production field to MAR 1132 - Intro to Oil andsolve and troubleshoot problems GasDisassembly, maintenance,in the field. The course will also repair andcover the study of instruments, Credit(s): 2reassembly/installation of theinstrument systems, terminology, major types of transmissions andprocess variables, and control An introduction to the variousthe operation and maintenanceloops as used in a oil & gas aspects of the oil & gas industryof outdrive units includingenvironment. (6,2,8) including equipment, systems,components, functions, outdrive instrumentation, operations, andsteering, shifting systems,MAR 1734 - Drilling Rig Floor the various scientific principles.alignment and repair commonlyCore Skills Addresses a variety of oil & gasassociated with maritime technologies: exploration,engines. (3,2,2) drilling, production,Credit(s): 4 transportation, marketing, andMAR 1422 - Marine chemical processing industries.Corrosion & PreventionA study of practices and (2,2,0)procedures for drilling operations. Rig equipment, Credit(s): 2casing design, fishing, and MAR 1142 - WellSharpproper procedures to Instruction in the repair of boatssuccessfully drill a well are Credit(s): 2including instruction in the repairdiscussed. (4,1,6) of hull and structure damage. Drilling and wellbore analysis(2,1,2)MAR 2431 - Rig Pass data to develop a well completion plan. A study ofMAR 1613 - Applied MarineCredit(s): 1 practices and procedures thatElectricity are involved in drilling operationsRegulatory safety requirements and evaluate the effects ofCredit(s): 3and safety structures associated production operations choosingwith the oil & gas industry. the tools and procedures forElectrical systems associated(1,1,0) completing a drilled well-bore. Topics on rig equipment, casingwith maritime engines including design, fishing, and properthe charging circuit, startingWLT 1913 - Welding II procedures to successfully drill acircuit and ignition circuit. Theory well are implemented; instructionof operation and maintenance/repair areCredit(s): 3 in volume calculations, hydrostatic pressures,discussed. (3,2,2) This course is designed to formations pressures, andprovide students with the analyzing problems in down-holeMAR 1713 - Paint, Fiberglassopportunity to utilize welding drilling operations. (2,1,2)and Coatingsskills in the maritime industry. The instructor and student work MAR 1213 - 2 & 4 CycleCredit(s): 3closely together to select a topic Outboard Repair &and establish criteria for MaintenanceInstruction in the use of coatingscompletion of the project. (3,2,2) in the construction and repair of Credit(s): 3maritime surfaces to includeMathematics (MAT) instruction in the repair of deck, 358'