b'Credit(s): 4spreadsheets, databasealgorithm development and management, presentationanalysis, search/sort methods, Basic electrical diagnosis anddesign, and electronicdynamic memory management, repair techniques including basiccommunications. (This willabstract data types and object-circuit theory, safety andsatisfy most universityoriented design, designing and grounding essentials, wiringrequirements for a "computerdebugging larger programs. systems, circuitry, and electricalscience" course. Check with(Course has a required lab troubleshooting. (4,2,3)your specific university programcomponent.) Prerequisite: CSC for their computer literacy2134 - Programming I with C. CRM 1614 - Heating,requirement.) (3,3,0)(4,3,2) Ventilating, and Air ConditioningCSC 1213 - Visual BASICCSC 2844 - Data Structures Computer Programming I Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3 Basic principles, operation,This course includes advanced maintenance, and repair ofThis course is designed todata abstraction and heating, ventilation, and airintroduce the writing of event- corresponding algorithms, conditioning in residential anddriven programs using the Visualmemory management, searching light commercial buildings.Basic computer programmingand sorting techniques, hash (4,2,3)language with emphasis ontables, and algorithm problem solving, documentation,analysis. Prerequisites: CSC CRM 1714 - Specialprogram statements, algorithms,2144. (4,3,2)and common routines. CourseProblems in Weldinghas lecture with integrated lab components. Prerequisite:a)IT Specialist Credit(s): 4minimum ACT score of 19 on the math component, b) credit forTechnology (CST) Basic course in the developmentMAT 1313, or c) permission of of welding skills in the safe usethe instructor. (3,3,0)CST 1123 - Basic IT of the oxyfuel and arc weldingHardware techniques.CSC 2134 - Programming I with CCredit(s): 3 CRM 2915 - Special Projects in CRMCredit(s): 4A survey of computer hardware components. Topics include Credit(s): 5An introduction to problemhardware compatibility, system solving methods, algorithmarchitecture, input devices, video Practical application of skills anddevelopment, designing,displays and adapters, disk knowledge gained in otherdebugging, and documentationdrives, and other related building maintenance courses.in C language with a variety ofperipherals. Prerequisite CST The instructor works closely withapplications including 1/02113. (3,2,2) the student to insure that thestatements, operators, selection of a project willconditional, looping,CST 1213 - Networking I enhance the student\'s learningmethods/functions, and array experience. (5,0,10)processing. (Course has a required lab component.)Credit(s): 3 Prerequisite: MAT 1313 or MAT Computer Science1314 and CSC 1213, previousConcepts of telephony, local (CSC)programming experience orarea networks, wide area permission of instructor. (4,3,2)networks, data transmission, and topology methods. (3,2,2) CSC 1123 - Computer Applications ICSC 2144 - Programming II with CCST 1333 - Operating Systems Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4 This course is designed to teachCredit(s): 3 computer applications to includeThis course is designed to be a word processing, electroniccontinuation of program andStudy of operating systems. Emphasis will be placed on 326'