b'Credit(s): 3establishing, and managing aand drill presses. Prerequisite: small business enterprise.MST 1412 (2,1,2) This course introduces the(3,2,2) online application of marketingMST 1222 - Lathe Turning communications. Topics includeMMT 2523 - Event MarketingKnowledge basic website design, search engine optimization, digital promotions, email and socialCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 2 media marketing, and opportunities and challengesDesign a plan for special events,This course provides instruction associated with e-commercetrade and consumer shows,of general shop safety as well as activities. (3,3,0)exhibitions, and conventions.the operation of the lathe. The (3,2,2)course will implement the MMT 2343 - Marketing Webperformance of lathe operations Page DesignMMT 2613 - Internationalresulting in the manufacture of Marketingvarious parts. (2,1,2) Credit(s): 3MST 1232 - Milling Machine Credit(s): 3 Use creative marketingKnowledge strategies, concepts, andProvide students with an techniques to design web sites,overview and understanding ofCredit(s): 2 that will reach designated targetinternational marketing. This markets. (3,2,2)involves an analysis of worldThis course provides instruction markets, their respectiveof general shop safety as well as MMT 2353 - Digital Mediaconsumers and environments,the operation of vertical milling and the marketing managementmachines. The course will Applicationsrequired to meet the demands ofimplement the performance of constantly changing foreignmilling operations resulting in the Credit(s): 3markets. (3,3,0)manufacture of various parts. (2,1,2) Design and deliver multimediaMMT 2913 - Internship in marketing presentations throughMarketing ManagementMST 1243 - Precision Lathe the use of appropriateTechnologyOperations multimedia software and tools. Topics include marketing design concepts and related marketingCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 communication strategies. (3,1,4) Direct application of conceptsThis course is a continuation ofand theory of marketinglathe tuning knowledge and management. Students will workprovides instruction of general MMT 2423 - Retailin a marketing-relatedshop safety as well as additional Managementenvironment. (3,3,0)instruction in lathe operations. Prerequisite: MST 1222 (3,2,2) Precision Credit(s): 3MST 1251 - Surface Grinding Manufacturing and Introduction to retailing and theMachining TechnologyOperations retail management process.(MST) (3,2,2)Credit(s): 1MMT 2513 -MST 1212 - Drill Press andThis course provides instruction EntrepreneurshipBand Saw Operationsin general shop safety as well as emphasis on advanced applications of precision Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 2grinders. (1,1,0)Overview of key marketingThis course provides instruction of general shop safety as well asMST 1263 - Milling Machine concepts, methods, andthe operation of powerOperations strategic issues relevant to entrepreneurs and the activitiesmachinery that includes involved with planning,instruction and practice in the safe operation of power saws 367'