b"radiographic exposure, beamRGT 1613 - Physics ofRGT 2156 - Clinical limiting devices, filtration,Imaging EquipmentEducation V production and control of scatter and secondary radiation,Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 6 exposure systems, technical conversions, and problem solving. (3,2,2)This course is designed toThis course is a clinical practice establish knowledge based inand instruction in a clinical radiographic, fluoroscopic,affiliate. Areas included are RGT 1333 - Digital Imagemobile, and tomographicpatient care and management, Acquisition and Displayequipment requirements andradiation protection, operation of design. The content will alsoequipment, and radiologic Credit(s): 3provide a basic knowledge ofprocedures. Prerequisite: RGT quality control. Computer2146. (6,0,18) This course is designed toapplications in the radiologic impart an understanding of thesciences related to imageRGT 2533 - Radiographic components, principles, andcapture, display, storage, andProcedures III operation of digital imagingdistribution are presented. systems found in diagnostic(3,3,0) radiology. Included are factorsCredit(s): 3 that impact image acquisition,RGT 2132 - Ethical and Legal display, archiving, and retrieval.ResponsibilitiesThis course includes principles In addition, principles of digitaland procedures involved in system qualify assurance andradiographic positioning of the maintenance are introduced.Credit(s): 2entire cranium and facial bones. (3,2,2)Included is a review of Legal terminology, concepts,radiographic anatomy on each and principles will be presentedprocedure. Prerequisite: RGT RGT 1513 - Radiographicin this course. Topics include1523 (3,2,2) Procedures Imisconduct, malpractice, legal and professional standards, andRGT 2542 - Radiographic Credit(s): 3the ASRT scope of practice. TheProcedures IV importance of proper This course includesdocumentation and informed terminology, principles, andconsent is emphasized. ThisCredit(s): 2 procedures involved in routinecourse will prepare students to radiographic positioning forbetter understand their patients,This course is a study of special demonstration of the chest,the patients' families, andradiographic procedures that abdomen, upper extremities,professional peers throughutilizes sterile techniques and digestive system, and urinarycomparison of diversespecialized equipment. It also system. Included is a review ofpopulations based on their valueincludes basic concepts of radiographic anatomy on eachsystems, cultural and ethnicpharmacology. In addition, it also procedure. Pre/Corequisite: BIOinfluences, communicationincludes principles and 1514 (3,2,2)styles, socioeconomicprocedures involved in influences, health risks, and liferadiographic positioning of the stages. Prerequisite: RGTreproductive system. RGT 1523 - Radiographic1213 (2,2,0)Prerequisite: RGT 2533 (2,2,0) Procedures II RGT 2146 - ClinicalRGT 2911 - Radiation Credit(s): 3Education IVBiologyThis course includes principlesCredit(s): 6Credit(s): 1 and procedures involved in the radiographic positioning of the spinal column, urinary system,This course is a clinical practiceThis course is a study of the pelvic girdle, lower extremities,and instruction in a clinicalbiological effects of radiation bony thorax, and mobile andaffiliate. Areas included areupon living matter. It includes trauma radiography procedures.patient care and management,genetic and somatic effects. Included is a review ofradiation protection, operation of(1,1,0) radiographic anatomy on eachequipment, and radiologic procedure. Prerequisite: RGTprocedures. Prerequisite: RGTRGT 2921 - Radiographic 1513 (3,2,2)1136. (6,0,18)Pathology 393"