b'Credit(s): 4course primarily for students ofphysical health conditions in all engineering, science, orbody systems. Prerequisites: A combined lecture andmathematics. Labs associatedAdmission Criteria and laboratory course that includeswith this course containcoursework:ENG 1113; PSY studies of chemistry, geologyexperiments and exercises that1513; BIO 2514; BIO 2524; BIO and meteorology. Labsreinforce the principles2924. (6,4,6) associated with this courseintroduced in lecture contain experiments andclasses. Corequisite orPNV 1813 - Mental Health exercises that reinforce thePrerequisite: MAT 1613. (4,3,2)Nursing principles introduced in lecture classes. (4,3,2)PHY 2524 - General PhysicsII-A, Lecture and LaboratoryCredit(s): 3PHY 2414 - General PhysicsThis course provides the student I, Lecture and LaboratoryCredit(s): 4with basic knowledge and skills to assist in the promotion of the A combined lecture andemotional, mental, and social Credit(s): 4laboratory course coveringwell-being of the client and electricity, magnetism, andfamily experiencing a mental A combined lecture andoptics. This is a calculus-basedhealth alteration. Prerequisites: laboratory course coveringcourse primarily for students ofAdmission Criteria and mechanics and conservationengineering, science orcoursework:ENG 1113; PSY laws. This is a non-calculusmathematics. Labs associated1513; BIO 2514; BIO 2524; BIO based course primarily for pre- with this course contain2924. (3,2.67,1) professional majors. Labsexperiments and exercises that associated with this coursereinforce the principlesPNV 1914 - Nursing contain experiments andintroduced in lectureTransition exercises that reinforce theclasses. Prerequisite: PHY 2514. principles introduced in lecture(4,3,2) classes. Prerequisite: MATCredit(s): 4 1313 and MAT 1323 or specialPractical Nursing consent of instructor. (4,3,2)This course facilitates the (PNV)transition of the student to the PHY 2424 - General Physicsrole of an entry level Licensed II, Lecture and LaboratoryPNV 1676 - Alteration inPractical Nurse and the preparation for the National Adult Health Concepts andCouncil Licensure Examination Credit(s): 4Clinical(NCLEX-PN). Prerequisites: ENG 1113, PSY 1513, BIO A combined lecture andCredit(s): 62514, BIO 2924, BIO 2524, ENG laboratory course covering1123, EPY 2533, NUR 1118, electricity, magnetism, andThis course provides the studentNUR 1121, NUR 1131, NUR optics. This is a non- calculuswith the basic nursing theory and1100, NUR 1217, NUR 1223, based course primarily for pre- skills to provide safe andNUR 1200. Corequsites: PNV professional majors. Labseffective care for the adult client1301, PNV 1676, PNV 1813. associated with this courseexperiencing acute, chronic, or(4,3,3) contain experiments andlife-threatening physical health exercises that reinforce theconditions in selected bodyPsychology (PSY) principles introduced in lecturesystems. Pharmacological and classes. Prerequisite: PHY 2414.nutritional therapy (4,3,2)considerations for variousPSY 1513 - General disorders are included. ThePsychology PHY 2514 - General Physicssystems not covered in this I-A, Lecture and Laboratorycourse are taught inCredit(s): 3 Medical/Surgical Nursing Concepts and Clinical (PNVAn introduction to the scientific Credit(s): 41666). This course also includes clinical experiences forstudy of human behavior and A combined lecture andapplication of nursing theory andmental processes. This includes laboratory course coveringskills for safe and effective carehistory and theories of mechanics and conservationof the adult client experiencingpsychology, research methods, laws. This is a calculus basedacute, chronic, or life-threateningbiological bases of behavior, the 387'