b"insight into the overallinterest in playing andMUA 1282 - Guitar for Music shipbuilding process.(3,2,2)strengthen the student's playingEducation Majors II ability. (2,1,0) MTA 2664 - Marine SystemsCredit(s): 2 Integration for MaritimeMUA 1211 - Class Guitar I Guitar for music education Credit(s): 4Credit(s): 1majors with guitar as their area of emphasis. Introduction The course will place anInstruction for beginning guitarto guitar technique, repertoire emphasis on the integration ofplayer's that includes basicand performance of standard hull and machinery systems intoaccompanying styles and anliterature. (2,1,0) a complete vessel package. Theintroduction to classical guitar design and analysis of generaltechnique. (1,1,0)MUA 1472 - Percussion for guidance, hull structure,Music Education I propulsion, electrical, commandMUA 1212 - Class Guitar I and surveillance, auxiliaryCredit(s): 2 systems, outfitting and furnishingCredit(s): 2 and armament are investigated. Included is the study ofPercussion instruction for music equipment installation, plating,Instruction for beginning guitarmajors and advanced non-music bulkheads, propulsion systems,player's that includes basicmajors with an emphasis on power generation, and combataccompanying styles and anpercussion instrumental playing. systems HVAC, and weaponsintroduction to classical guitarDesigned to teach the management. (4,3,2)technique. (2,2,0)fundamental principles of playing, explore moderate to MUA 1221 - Class Guitar IIadvanced levels of literature and Music/Applied (MUA)develop the student's interest in playing. (2,1,0) MUA 1172 - Brass for MusicCredit(s): 1 MUA 1482 - Percussion for Education Majors IInstruction for beginning guitar player's that includes basicMusic Education II Credit(s): 2accompanying styles and an introduction to classical guitarCredit(s): 2 Brass instruction for musictechnique. (1,1,0) education majors with andPercussion instruction for music advanced non-music majors withMUA 1222 - Class Guitar IImajors and advanced non-music an emphasis on brassmajors with an emphasis on instrumental playing. Designedpercussion instrumental playing. to teach the fundamentalCredit(s): 2Designed to teach the principles of playing, explorefundamental principles of moderate to advanced levels ofInstruction for beginning guitarplaying, explore moderate to literature, develop the student'splayer's that includes basicadvanced levels of literature and interest in playing andaccompanying styles and andevelop the student's interest in strengthen the student's playingintroduction to classical guitarplaying. (2,1,0) ability. (2,1,0)technique. (2,2,0) MUA 1512 - Class Piano for MUA 1182 - Brass for MusicMUA 1272 - Guitar for MusicMusic Majors I Education Majors IIEducation Majors I Credit(s): 2 Credit(s): 2Credit(s): 2 Class piano instruction for music Brass instruction for musicGuitar for music educationmajors with no previous piano education majors with andmajors with guitar as their areatraining. This curriculum is advanced non-music majors withof emphasis. Introductiondesigned to prepare students for an emphasis on brassto guitar technique, repertoiretheir piano proficiency instrumental playing. Designedand performance of standardexamination upon transfer to to teach the fundamentalliterature. (2,1,0)university. (2,2,0) principles of playing, explore moderate to advanced levels of literature, develop the student's 374"