b"camera, exposure, composition,Credit(s): 3Students are required to develop and lighting. (3,3,3)observational skills through Performance skills needed forlaboratory experience. (3,2,2) CAT 2263 - Web Graphicproductive employment in the Productiongraphic design/commercial artCDT 1214 - Infant and field. Student interaction withToddler Development local industry is required. A Credit(s): 3portfolio of student's work and graphic resume' will beCredit(s): 4 An in-depth study of producingproduced. Industry review is and utilizing graphic elementsrequired for final grade.This course provides knowledge designed for Internet or webPrerequisite: CAT 2313 or byconcerning the care and application. Emphasis is placedconsent of instructor. (3,1,4)development of infants and equally on aesthetics, technicaltoddlers in early childhood requirements, and principles ofCAT 2914 - Special Project inprograms.Practice is given in interactive design. The courseGraphic Design Technologyinfant and toddler caregiving will provide a concentrated study(birth to 36 months) in group related to color management,settings through classroom typography, graphicCredit(s): 4laboratory or collorative centers. development and manipulation,(4,3,2) digital imaging, and creatingPractical applications of skills dynamic web experiences. Theand knowledge gained in otherCDT 1224 - Preschool and focus is on the production andGraphic Design TechnologyPrimary Development manipulation of individualcourses. The instructor works elements and is recommendedclosely with the student to as a supplement to a web designensure that selection of a specialCredit(s): 4 application course or previousproject enhances the student's experience. Prerequisite: CATlearning experiences.This course provides knowledge 1213. (3,1,4)Prerequisite: Completion of oneconcerning the care, semester of coursework in thedevelopment, and education of CAT 2313 - Basic AdvertisingGraphic Design Technologythe preschool child in group Designprogram (4,2,4).settings and school age children in afterschool and summer WDT 1413 - Web Designprogramming. Practice is given Credit(s): 3Applications Iin preschool children caregiving in group settings through Concepts and methodologyclassroom laboratory or related to the graphic designCredit(s): 3collaborative centers. (ages 38) industry utilizing current software(4,3,2) and related hardware.Application of various Prerequisite: CAT 1113, CATprofessional and personal webCDT 1313 - Creative Arts for 1213, or by consent of instructor.design applications. StudentsYoung Children (3,1,4)will work with the latest WYSIWYG editors, CAT 2323 - Advancedanimation/multimedia products,Credit(s): 3 Advertising Designand photo editors. (3,1,4) This course provides knowledge Child Developmentof the creative arts and Credit(s): 3strategies for developing and (CDT)implementing creative art This course has an emphasis onexperiences, both as a means of graphic computers to developCDT 1113 - Early Childhoodcreative expression and as a and produce advanced graphicpart of integrated learning with design projects. This courseProfessionchildren birth to age eight. utilizes equipment and softwareExperiences will be implemented used in industry. Prerequisite:Credit(s): 3during Practicum. (3,3,0) CAT 2313 (3,1,4) This course is an introduction toCDT 1343 - Child Health, CAT 2333 - Practicalthe profession of earlySafety and Nutrition Advertising Techniqueschildhood, types of early childhood programs, and theories of child development. 319"