b'Learning Resources Centers The Learning Resources Center encompasses the Library, Media Services, and Learning Lab at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Our goal is to provide learning resources which support and enhance all educational programs at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Library: The purpose of the libraries at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to provide instructional support services that reinforce the curriculum of the college. We accomplish this by providing a well-trained staff, excellent resources, and accessible facilities. We both encourage and assist students to use the resources of our library to meet their personal needs and educational goals. Media Services: The purpose of the Media Services Department at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to foster the educational endeavors of the faculty, staff, and students. We accomplish this by providing high-quality audiovisual equipment and a wide variety of current media materials for curriculum support of classroom instruction. Learning Lab: The purpose of the Learning Labs at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is to support and advance teaching and learning by helping students develop the skills necessary to be successful learners through the creation of a supportive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth. Developmental Studies Before enrolling in any English or Mathematics courses, entering freshmen must submit ACT scores or take basic skills tests in reading, writing and mathematics. If there is evidence of academic deficiency in any of these areas, students may be required to take developmental courses. Developmental courses utilize classroom and computerized instruction designed to prepare students for other college courses. The developmental courses offered are not designed for transfer credit. Developmental courses are not considered in calculating GPA and semester hours to meet graduation requirements. eLearning Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College offers credit courses through the Mississippi Virtual Community College (MSVCC) Consortium. Delivered by qualified and well-trained faculty members, eLearning courses address the same student learning outcomes and are considered the same credit as the "on-site" equivalent courses. eLearning courses may be used as credit to fulfill graduation requirements of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. For more information, visit the eLearning website at: https://mgccc.edu/elearning/. Non-Credit Offerings A. Community Education At MGCCC, continuing education is a delivery system for individual participation in lifelong learning offerings for self-enrichment, occupational or professional development, and/or keeping abreast of the changing world. Continuing education courses, whether taken for supplementary or preparatory reasons, are offered to the community as needs are realized. Continuing education courses are offered throughout the district through a consistent procedure to include: short term, non-credit classes, industry specific training courses, travel to learn, workshops and seminars, and non-credit basic skills classes. To enhance and market regular programs, the delivery of non-credit programs may be provided at all department levels in the college and online. B. Adult Education (AE) Classes and Testing Adult Education preparatory classes are available at the campuses as well as college centers. College adult education academic assistants may schedule assessment testing to determine the student\'s potential for earning a high school equivalency credential. Testing is offered in the assessment centers on each campus. For more information about testing, contact your local Adult Education office. 61'