b"Credit(s): 3use of applied design elementsforming and shaping by hand and principles to studio problemsand by mechanical means, An honors appreciation coursein mixed media. (3,0,6)various kiln operations, designed to increase thePrerequisite ART 1443 orunderstanding the nature of clay students awareness of the Finepermission of instructorand glazes and an appreciation Arts.of functional and non functional ART 1513 - Computer Artforms. (3,0,6) ART 1313 - Drawing I Credit(s): 3ART 2623 - Ceramics II Credit(s): 3 An introduction to the theory andCredit(s): 3 Includes the study of the basicpractice of using the computer to elements and principles ofcreate art. A study of methodsContinuation of skills introduced organization in two dimensionsand applications utilizing thein Ceramics I. Emphasis on and the selection, manipulationcomputer and selected softwareindividual problem solving. and synthesis of theseapplications. Prerequisites: ARTPrerequisite: ART 2613 or components to create an1313, ART 1323, ART 1433,permission of the instructor. organized visual expression.ART 1443. (3,0,3)(3,0,6) Students will apply overlapping foreshortening and diminishedART 1913 - Art forART 2633 - Sculpture I scale. Black and white media willElementary Teachers be stressed.(3,0,6) Credit(s): 3 ART 1323 - Drawing IICredit(s): 3 Study of 3-D media and methods Development of essentialexploring substractive and Credit(s): 3concepts of children's artadditive sculpture process. education in compliance with the(3,0,6) Continuation of skills fromNational Standards for Art Drawing I with an introduction toEducation. (3,2,2)ART 2713 - Art History I color and further study of composition. Prerequisite: ARTART 2513 - Painting I 1313 or permission of instructor.Credit(s): 3 (3,0,6) Credit(s): 3Survey course of historical ART 1433 - Design Ibackground of art forms from An introduction to paintingPrehistoric to Renaissance. compositions andEmphasis is on painting, Credit(s): 3techniques.Prerequisite: ARTarchitecture, and sculpture as 1313 & ART 1413 or permissionrelated to history. (3,3,0) Introduction to the fundamentalsof instructor. (3,0,6) of two-dimensional design withART 2723 - Art History II emphasis in black and whiteART 2523 - Painting II media. (3,0,6) Credit(s): 3 ART 1443 - Design IICredit(s): 3 Survey courses of historical A further study in thebackground of art forms from Credit(s): 3compositions, techniques, andRenaissance to present with concepts in Painting I.special emphasis on Continuation of Design I withPrerequisite: ART 2513 orcontemporary expression. emphasis in color theory.(3,0,6)permission of instructor. (3,0,6)(3,3,0) ART 1453 - ThreeART 2613 - Ceramics IART 2913 - Special Studio Dimensional Design Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3 This course is directed towardIndependent study in an area of To provide students with anan introduction to differentspecial interest. Course understanding of spatial form inaspects and materials of ceramicdesigned for the exceptional three dimensions through thedesign. Instruction coversstudent. Instructor approval 309"