b"up, normal operation,operation of different levels ofPTA 1224 - Therapeutic abnormal/emergency operations,government. (3,3,0)Modalities and shutdown of an entire process. Prerequisite: PPTPhysical TherapistCredit(s): 4 1434 (3,2,2) Assistant (PTA) This course is an introduction to PPT 2723 - Processthe theory and practical Instrumentation IIPTA 1123 - Fundamentalapplication of hydrotherapy, Concepts of Physicalthermotherapy, cryotherapy, light Credit(s): 3Therapytherapy, and mechanotherapy. Emphasis will be placed on the This course is a clinical practiceCredit(s): 3technique of application, and instruction in a clinicalindications, and affiliate. Areas included areThis course is an introduction tocontraindications of modalities. patient care and management,the field of physical therapyPre/corequisites: Fundamental radiation protection, operation ofincluding role orientation,Concepts of Physical Therapy equipment, and radiologicprofessional organizational(PTA 1123), Fundamental Skills procedures. Prerequisite: PPTstructure, legal and ethicalfor Physical Therapist Assistants 1713. (3,3,0)implications, and legislation.(PTA 1213), Kinesiology (PTA Historical patterns in the1314). (4,3,2)development of the professionPPT 2913 - Special Projects in Process Operationswill be explored and medical Technologyterminology introduced.PTA 1314 - Kinesiology Prerequisites: Admission to Physical Therapist AssistantCredit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3Program. (3,3,0) This course studies individual A course designed to provide thePTA 1132 - PTA Practicum Imuscles and muscle functions, student with practical applicationbiomechanical principles of joint of skills and knowledge gained inmotion, gait analysis, other vocationaltechnicalCredit(s): 2goniometry, and postural courses. The instructor worksassessment. Pre/corequisites: closely with the student toThis course is designed toFundamental Concepts of ensure that the selection of aprovide the student withPhysical Therapy (PTA 1123) project will enhance theobservational time withand Fundamental Skills for student's learning experience.participation in selected physicalPhysical Therapist Assistants (3,0,6)therapy activities. Prerequisites:(PTA 1213). (4,3,2)Admission to Physical TherapistPolitical Science (PSC)Assistant Program. (2, 6 clinical) PTA 1213 - FundamentalPTA 1324 - Therapeutic PSC 1113 - AmericanSkills for Physical TherapistExercise and Rehabilitation I National GovernmentAssistants Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 3 Credit(s): 3This course provides anSurvey of the foundations,overview of the biochemical and This course provides knowledgeneurophysiological basis and institutions, and political aspectsof topics utilized in the practice of American nationalapplication of various therapeutic of physical therapy. Topicsexercises. The basics of government. (3,3,0)covered will include positioning, therapeutic exercise are draping, transfers, bodycorrelated with specific PSC 1123 - American Statemechanics, gait training, andconditions. This course focuses and Local Governmentstandard precautions. Vitalon rehabilitation techniques in signs, first aid, and emergencythe treatment of a variety of Credit(s): 3techniques will also be covered.selected conditions. Specialized Pre/corequisites: Fundamentalexercise procedures are Concepts of Physical Therapy Survey of the relationship amongemphasized. Pre/corequisites: American local, state and(PTA 1123). (3,2,2) Fundamental Concepts of national governments, and the Physical Therapy (PTA 1123), organization, function, andFundamental Skills for Physical 389"