b'JOU 2121 - CollegeLEA 2811 - Leadership andLearning Life Skills Publications IVOrganization Skills III(LLS) Credit(s): 1Credit(s): 1LLS 1323 - Career Exploration Open to students who haveAn application of leadership successfully completed JOUstyles and skills, roles and 1111, 1121, 1313, and 2111 orfunctions of officers of studentCredit(s): 3 with consent oforganizations.(1,1,0) instructor.(1,0,2)This course is designed to assist LEA 2821 - Leadership andstudents in determining career Leadership (LEA)Organization Skills IVgoals. Interest tests, personality inventories, and aptitude tests are given to help students LEA 1811 - Leadership andCredit(s): 1determine career choices. Organization Skills I(3,3,0) An evaluation of leadership Credit(s): 1styles and skills, roles andLLS 1413 - Enhancement of functions of officers of student organizations. (1,1,0)Study An introduction of leadership styles and skills, roles andCredit(s): 3 functions of officers of studentLEA 2911 - Leadership & organizations. (1,1,0)Communication Skills Development - Recruiting &This course is designed to aid the student in study skills, LEA 1821 - Leadership andPublic Relations IIIpromote student success critical Organization Skills IIreading and note-taking Credit(s): 1techniques, critical thinking, time management, test-taking Credit(s): 1A continuation of LEA 1921.strategies, listening and memory (1,1,0)enhancement. (3,3,0) A study of leadership styles and skills, roles and functions of officers of studentLEA 2921 - Leadership &LLS 1423 - College Study organizations.(1,1,0)Communication SkillsSkills Development - Recruiting & LEA 1911 - Leadership andPublic Relations IVCredit(s): 3 Communication Skills Development - RecruitingCredit(s): 1This course is designed as an and Public Relations Iadvanced course in study skills A continuation of LEA 2911.that fosters insight and practice (1,1,0)of critical reading skills and study Credit(s): 1techniques needed for efficient and effective mastery of college-This course introduces theParalegal (LET)level courses, both graduate and student to his/her responsibilitiesundergraduate. (3,3,0) as a member of the recruiting/public relations team.LET 1123 - Introduction to (1,1,0)LawMaritime Multi-Craft Technology (MAR) LEA 1921 - Leadership &Credit(s): 3 Communication SkillsMAR 1113 - Fundamentals of Development - Recruiting &This course provides anMaritime Engine I Public Relations IIoverview of major principles and functions of the state and federal legal systems, introducesCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 1various legal fields for professional opportunities,Instruction on the principles of A continuation of LEA 1911.presents legal vocabulary, givestheory and operation and skills (1,1,0)an overview of different areas ofrelated to the repair and law, and presents ethics. (3,3,0)maintenance of the basic maritime engine. (3,1,4) 357'