b'IST 2594 - Advanced C#JAVA Programming.StudentsDevelopment (Django or other Programming Languagewill be taught advancedapplicable software).Students concepts of arrays, inheritance,will be taught concepts related to Credit(s): 4applets, and swingDjango and other aspects of components.(4,2,4)fullstack web development components and This course is a continuation ofapplications.Prerequisites:IST the C# Programming LanguageIST 2734 - Data Visualization course. Prerequisite:ISTand Marketing1433 and IST 1723. (4,2,4) 2584 (4,2,4) Credit(s): 4Journalism (JOU) IST 2634 - Penetration Testing and ImplementationThis course teaches studentsJOU 1111 - College the fundamentals of dataPublications I visualization and how to Credit(s): 4communicate effectively with data. Students will learn toCredit(s): 1 This course provides an in-depthpresent, explore, and exploration of various methodsunderstand data using variousThis laboratory course is for gaining unauthorized accessvisualization tools. (4,2,4)designed to give practical and explores network securityexperience in working with the concepts from the point of viewcollege newspaper or yearbook of hackers and theirIST 2744 - SASproduction. News, feature, and methodologies. Topics includeProgramming IIeditorial writing, make-up and hackers, crackers, ethicallayout, editing, advertising and hackers, attacks, intrusionCredit(s): 4photography will be emphasized detection systems, maliciousaccording to student need. code, computer crime, andThis course is a continuation of(1,0,2) industrial espionage.SAS Programming I. It is Prerequisite: ISTdesigned to provide a firmJOU 1121 - College 1624Corequisite:ISTfoundation in data manipulationPublications II 1254 and any programmingtechniques using SAS DATA. course. (4,2,4)Students will gain an understanding of the procedureCredit(s): 1 IST 2644 - Cybersecuritysteps to access, transform, and Operations - CyberOpssummarize SAS data sets.A continuation of JOU 1111. Students will learn how to control(1,0,2) Credit(s): 4SAS data set input and output, combine SAS data sets, andJOU 1313 - News Writing summarize, read, and writeand Reporting I This course covers the skills todifferent types of data. (4,2,4) qualify for exciting and growing opportunities in securityCredit(s): 3 operation centers as an analystIST 2753 - Big Data Analytics or incident responder. TheAn introductory course in course focuses on how toCredit(s): 3journalism designed to teach monitor, detect and respond tonews writing and reporting, the cybersecurity threats. TopicsThis course teaches Big Dataconstruction of the news article include cryptography, host- concepts and technologies aswith an emphasis on source based security analysis, securitywell as the techniques tonews, features, sports, and monitoring, computer forensics,manage them. Students will beinterview stories and editorials. attack methods and incidentintroduced to emerging tools and(3,3,0) reporting and handling. (4,2,4)NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases. (3,2,2)JOU 2111 - College IST 2724 - Advanced JavaPublications III Programming LanguageIST 2814 - Full-Stack Web DevelopmentCredit(s): 1 Credit(s): 4 Credit(s): 4Open to students who have This course is a second of a two- successfully completed JOU part series that offers studentsThis course offers students an1111, 1121, and 1313 or with an extensive introduction intointroduction into Full-Stack Webconsent of instructor. (1,0,2) 356'