b"HRT 1213 - Sanitation andHRT 1541 - Hospitalitynatural, cultural, and SafetySeminarentertainment attractions. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 1HRT 2233 - Hospitality Cost Control This course basic principles ofStudents will build professional microbiology, sanitation, anddevelopment skills necessary forCredit(s): 3 safety procedures for a foodsuccess in hospitality and service operation.tourism management. (1,1,0)This course focuses on Implementation of sanitationprinciples and procedures procedures, cost control, andHRT 1552 - Hospitalityinvolved in an effective food and risk reduction standards in aSeminarbeverage control system, hospitality operation areincluding standards covered. (3,2,2)determination, the operating Credit(s): 2budget, cost-volume-profit HRT 1224 - Restaurant andanalysis, income and cost Catering OperationsStudents will build professionalcontrol, menu pricing, labor cost development skills necessary forcontrol, and computer success in hospitality andapplications. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 4tourism management. (2,2,0)This course focuses onHRT 1813 - TourismHRT 2323 - Hospitality principles of organizing,SpecialistFacilities Management and managing food and beverageDesign facilities, along with catering operations. (4,2,4)Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 3HRT 1413 - Rooms DivisionThis course covers activitiesDesign and manage the physical Managementassociated with organizing,plant of a hotel or restaurant and booking, and conducting tours.work effectively with the (3,3,0)engineering and maintenance Credit(s): 3department. (3,2,2) HRT 1823 - The Travel This course offers an operationalAgency approach to rooms divisionHRT 2423 - Hospitality management in the hospitalitySecurity Management and industry including front officeCredit(s): 3Law management and housekeeping operations. (3, 2, 2)Exploration of the travel agency professional including how toCredit(s): 3 become a travel professional, HRT 1521 - Hospitalitythe certifications, and licensesThis course explains issues Seminarrequired and additional trainingsurrounding the need for available. This course will alsoindividualized security programs, Credit(s): 1compare travel agencies such asexamines a variety of security an independent, home basedequipment and procedures, and Students will build professionalagents, internet marketing, anddiscusses internal and external development skills necessary forcareer options. (3,2,2)security for food service and success in hospitality andlodging operations. This course tourism management. (2,2,0)provides awareness of the rights HRT 1833 - Travel andand responsibilities that the law Tourism Geographygrants to or imposes upon a HRT 1531 - Hospitalityhotelier and consequences of SeminarCredit(s): 3failure to satisfy legal obligations. (3,2,2) Credit(s): 1Location, currency, port of entry, and form of governments inHRT 2613 - Hospitality Students will build professionalvarious countries around theSupervision development skills necessary forworld are discussed. Exercises success in hospitality andinvolve itinerary planning, tourism management. (1,1,0)knowledge of time zones, andCredit(s): 3 familiarity with the countries' 346"