b'Credit(s): 3Instrumentation &with annunciator/shutdown Controls Technologysystems and introduce the Continue classroom work givingconcepts of proportional, verbatim translations and sign- (IET)integral, and derivative control to-voice materials. There is anmodes, loop tuning, and emphasis on the use of tapesIET 1113 - Industrialdocumentation. Prerequisites: and simulated situations.Measurement of PressureIET 1113, IET 1214, EET Vocabulary development, word1114 (4,2,4) endings, and use of temporaryand Level signs are discussed. StudentsIET 2113 - Final Control will learn to translateCredit(s): 3Devices simultaneously from manual English to spoken English and toA study of the concepts, interpret from American Signprinciples and devices for theCredit(s): 3 Language (ASL) to spokenmeasurement of industrial English while keepingpressure, level, temperature andA study of the various designs of appropriate English diction.flow variables.The student willFinal Control Devices, including (3,3,0)learn to apply the principles ofprinciples of operation, sizing, process instruments and devicesselection, servicing pneumatic IDT 2353 - Interpreting inas applied to control andand electric actuators, Special Situationsdetection of variables.Thepositioners, solenoid operated student will perform industrialvalves, self-contained regulators, pressure, level, temperature andlouvers, dampers, metering Credit(s): 3flow measurements.pumps and required Corequisite/Prerequisite: IETdocumentation. Introduces This course includes lectures1214, EET 1114. (3,2,2)concepts of variable speed and observation of interpreters indrives and frequency speed various settings, includingIET 1214 - Industrialcircuitry for various motor educational, legal, medical,operated final control devices. religious, platform, deaf-blind,Measurement ofPrerequisites: IET 1313 (3,2,2) mental health, and so forth.Temperature and Flow Prerequisite: Approval ofIET 2413 - Industrial Controls instructor. (3,3,0)Credit(s): 4IIIDT 2363 - ArtisticThe second of two introductory Interpretingcourses that cover the conceptsCredit(s): 3 and principles of industrial measurement required forA study of process controllers, Credit(s): 3instrument technicians. IET 1214implementing PID (Proportional, is a study of the concepts,Integral, Derivative) feedback, Study the principles andprinciples and devices for thecascade, ratio, feed forward and techniques of artistic interpretingmeasurement of industrialauto select/override and including literary and musicaltemperature and flow variables.introduce other advanced control works. Prerequisite: Approval ofCorequisite/Prerequisite: IETstrategies; study techniques for Instructor. (3,3,0)1113, EET 1114. (4,2,4)loop tuning and calibrating process loop components IDT 2413 - InterpretingIET 1313 - Industrial Controlsincluding smart transmitters Practicumusing field communicators. Use Iof Loop documentation and drawings. Prerequisite:IET Credit(s): 3Credit(s): 32113 (3,2,2)Application ofA review of measurement theoryIET 2423 - Industrial interpreting/transliterating skillsand includes the principles ofElectronic Communication & in a supervised, approvedoperation, connection, site(s). All contact hours will bemaintenance, testing, calibration,Security verifiable, and direct observationtroubleshooting and will be administered byrepairing/replacing of pneumaticCredit(s): 3 practicum supervisingand electronic analog process interpreter. Prerequisite:controllers, signal transmitters,Introduction course to recognize Approval of Instructor. (3,150recorders, alarms andand understand the common clock hours)associated test equipment alongthreats faced today for 350'