b'induction and boostCredit(s): 4components, and control technologies, exhaust, andsystems. (4,2,4) emission controls used in light- This is a course designed to duty diesel engines.Topicsprovide advanced skills andATT 2913 - Special Problem I include component identification,knowledge related to thein Automotive Technology operation, diagnosis and repairinspection and repair of steering of air delivery systems includingand suspension systems of turbochargers, diesel particulateautomobiles.This courseCredit(s): 3 filters and other exhaustincludes instruction and practice catalysts.Upon completion,in the diagnosis of steeringA basic course to provide students should be able tosystem problems and thestudents with an opportunity to demonstrate skills necessary torepair/replacement ofutilize basic skills and general research service information,steering/suspensionknowledge gained in other and inspect, test, and repaircomponents. (4,2,4)Automotive Technology induction, boost, and after- courses.The instructor and treatment components.ATT 2434 - Enginestudent work closely together to Prerequisite Courses: ATT 1811,Performance IIselect a topic and establish ATT 1424 (4,2,2)criteria for completion of the project.(3,0,6) ATT 2224 - Light Duty DieselCredit(s): 4 ElectricalBusiness This is a course designed to provide advanced skills andAdministration (BAD) Credit(s): 4knowledge related to the ignition system, fuel, air induction,BAD 1113 - Introduction to This course covers the theoryexhaust systems, and emissionBusiness and operation of electric-drivesystems.It includes instruction, diesel vehicles. Topics includediagnosis, and correction of maintenance, diagnosis, repairproblems associated with inCredit(s): 3 and safety procedures forthese areas. (4,2,4) electrically propelled dieselThis course is designed to vehicles. Upon completion,ATT 2444 - Engineintroduce students to the basic students should be able toPerformance IIIconcepts of business. Main perform diagnostics,topics include current business maintenance and repairs onand economic environment, electric and hybrid dieselCredit(s): 4entrepreneurship, marketing, vehicles. Prerequisite Courses:management, financial ATT 1811, ATT 1123, ATTThis is a course designed tomanagement, and business 1134(4,2,4) provide advanced skills andcareers. (3,3,0)knowledge related to the ignition system, fuel, air induction,BAD 2113 - Introduction to ATT 2324 - Automaticexhaust systems, and emissionInternational Business Transmissions/Transaxlessystems.It includes instruction, diagnosis, and correction of problems associated with inCredit(s): 3 Credit(s): 4these areas. (4,2,4) This course is an introduction to This is a course designed toATT 2614 - Heating and Airinternational business concepts provide skills and knowledgeConditioningand practices. Emphasis is related to the diagnosis ofplaced on understanding cultural automatic transmissions anddifferences and foreign transaxles.Includes instructionCredit(s): 4exchange markets. (3,3,0) and practice of testing, inspecting, andThis course is designed toBAD 2323 - Business repairing/replacing of theseprovide advanced skills andStatistics devices. (4,2,4)knowledge associated with the maintenance and repair of ATT 2334 - Steering andautomotive heating and airCredit(s): 3 conditioning systems.It includes Suspension Systemsinstruction and practice in theIntroduction to statistical diagnosis and repair of heatingmethods of describing, and air conditioning systemsummarizing, comparing, and 311'