b"enhance the student'sCredit(s): 3maritime methods of distribution productivity.(3,2,2)from producer to consumer. This course provides managerialTopics include types, functions, MTA 1413 - Blueprintinformation concerning inventoryand practices of maritime Reading for Pipeinformation systems, managerialbusiness and efficient tools and techniques, thetechniques in the development warehouse environment, andand expansion of markets. Credit(s): 3distribution planning and(3,2,2) control.(3,2,2) Blueprint Reading for Pipe willMTA 1493 - Maritime review basic blueprint readingMTA 1453 - PurchasingEmployee Management and provide an introduction to principles of reading a blueprint, modification of the three-viewCredit(s): 3Credit(s): 3 principle, views on a drawing, differences in contract drawings,This course provides informationThe study of the objectives, phase II drawing documentation,about the purchasingorganizational structure, and ripout control process, steelfunction.Emphasis is placed onfunctions of maritime employee pipe, pipefitting, flange basics,vendor analysis, negations,management. Emphasis is valves, mechanical equipment,system contracts, public andplaced on job evaluation, flow diagrams andmarine purchasing, competitivetraining, education, safety, instrumentation, codes andbidding, and personnel.(3,2,2)health, supervisor-employee specifications, equipment layout,relationships, and available piping arrangement drawings,MTA 1463 - Supply Chainmaritime employee services. sections and elevations, pipingManagement(3,2,2) systems, and piping isometrics. (3,2,2)MTA 1613 - Shipbuilder Credit(s): 3 Exploration MTA 1423 - Fundamentals ofThis course provides information Logisticsconcerning the flow of productsCredit(s): 3 and information among Credit(s): 3producers, suppliers, andShipbuilder Exploration is a customers. Emphasis is placedmulti-craft class that introduces This course is designed to giveon acquiring, purchasing, andstudents to the shipbuilding the student a firm foundation indistribution of goods andindustry.Each craft will teach the systems approach toservices throughout the supplybasic safety responsibilities, managing activities associatedchain. (3,2,2)career opportunities and with forecasting, procurement,expectations involved in inventory management, life cycleMTA 1473 - Logisticsobtaining an costing, and productManagementemployment.Students will have support.(3,2,2)the opportunity to earn NCCER credentials for each module and MTA 1433 - TransportationCredit(s): 3performance task that is successfully completed.(3,2,2) and DistributionThis course is designed to help the student solve actualMTA 1623 - Metal Lagging Credit(s): 3challenges they will encounter in the marketplace. Basic decision-This course is designed to givemaking tools and concepts willCredit(s): 3 an overview of transportationbe used for finding cost and distributionreduction and strategicThis course is designed to issues.Emphasis is placed onopportunities. (3,2,2)provide the Apprentice with the domestic and internationalfundamentals of layout, cutting, transportation, third-partyMTA 1483 - Principles offorming, and fabrication of sheet selection, regulations, route andMaritime Marketingmetal.(3,2,2) schedule development, and planning for shipments.(3,2,2)MTA 1633 - Project Credit(s): 3Management MTA 1443 - Material Study of principles and problems Managementof marketing in the maritimeCredit(s): 3 industry and a review of 372"