b'evaluation of competency,develop an analytical approachCredit(s): 3 performance and/or observationto problem solving. Critical of respiratory care procedures.thinking is emphasized. (DeliveryThis course is an introduction to (3,0,9)techniques may includeRadiologic Technology including traditional face-to-face or online.)professional, departmental, and RCT 2546 - Clinical Practice(3,2,2)historical aspects. Included are IVterminology, medical ethics, and Radiograph (Medical)fundamental legal responsibilities. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 6Technology (RGT) RGT 1223 - Patient Care and This course is a continuation ofRGT 1115 - ClinicalRadiography Clinical Practice III. Students will rotate through respiratory careEducation I areas. A procedural guide isCredit(s): 3 utilized to evaluate studentCredit(s): 5 competency and performance.This course will provide the (6,0,18)This course includes clinicalstudent with the basic concepts practice and instruction in aof patient care, including RCT 2613 -clinical affiliate. Areas includedconsideration for the physical Neonatal/Pediatricsare patient care andand psychological needs of the management, radiationpatient and family. Routine and Managementprotection, operation ofemergency patient care equipment, and radiologicprocedures will be described, as Credit(s): 3procedures. Prerequisite: CPR- well as infection control Health Care Provider must beprocedures utilizing standard This course is a study of fetalcompleted before Clinicalprecautions. The role of the development and the transitionEducation I experience begins.radiographer in patient education to extrauterine environment. It(5,0,15)will be identified. (3,2,2) includes the most common cardiopulmonary disorders,RGT 1125 - ClinicalRGT 1312 - Principles of neonatal and pediatric diseaseEducation IIRadiation Protection processes, and the modes of treatment. (3,3,0) Credit(s): 5Credit(s): 2 RCT 2622 - Respiratory Care This course involves clinicalThis course is designed to Pharmacology IIpractice and instruction in apresent an overview of the clinical affiliate. Areas includedprinciples of radiation protection Credit(s): 2are patient care andincluding the responsibilities of management, radiationthe radiographer for patients, This course is a continuation ofprotection, operation ofpersonnel, and the public. Respiratory Care Pharmacologyequipment, and radiologicRadiation health and safety I, where the student will beprocedures. (5,0,15)requirements of federal and introduced to advancedstate regulatory agencies, pharmacology related toRGT 1136 - Clinicalaccreditation agencies, and cardiopulmonary disorders.Education IIIhealthcare organizations are (2,2,0)incorporated. (2,2,0) RCT 2713 - Respiratory CareCredit(s): 6RGT 1323 - Principles of SeminarExposure & Image This course is a clinical practice and instruction in a clinicalProduction Credit(s): 3affiliate. Areas included are patient care and management,Credit(s): 3 This course is designed toradiation protection, operation of integrate the essential elementsequipment, and radiologicThis course is a study of the of respiratory care practiceprocedures. Prerequisite: RGTprinciples involving manipulation through the use of care plans,1125 (6,0,18)of factors controlling and case studies, and clinicalinfluencing exposure and simulations in a laboratoryRGT 1213 - Fundamentals ofradiographic quality. Included environment. Students willRadiographyare the prime factors of 392'